David Seal, Marketing - Monaco N&J

David Seal

Head Of Video Production

My Present
Hi, my name is David Seal. I probably have the most “fun” job in all of Northrop & Johnson, given my Head of Video Production title. This role involves my team and I filming superyachts in some fantastic destinations. This year alone, we have filmed in Galapagos, The Bahamas, California, South Florida, Greece, France, Italy, Spain and Croatia! It’s a busy position to fill but extremely rewarding.

I am the founder of the successful “Yachts For Sale and Charter” YouTube channel. Through an exclusive Licensing Agreement with Northrop & Johnson, we have worked together to build a video marketing platform for yachts that is more widely viewed than any other brokerage channel in the world.

My Past
I could not have been born any farther from the ocean. Brought up in the industrial British town of Wolverhampton, I left school at 16 and cleaned windows and sold life insurance to make a living. At 21, I moved to London in search of adventure and a better life. There I met a beautiful Italian girl who would eventually become my wife.

I decided to move to Italy, which proved pivotal in many ways. I took any work I could while learning Italian and started to give English lessons to a local businessman called Norberto Ferretti. Upon seeing the impressive yachts that Ferretti was building, I fell in love with the yachting industry and completely immersed myself in the business. After years of interpreting for Norberto and translating instruction manuals for yachts, I was offered the opportunity to join the sales and marketing team at the CRN shipyard. My success in that role made the transition to yacht brokerage in 2006 a natural one.

My Future
I am a passionate advocate of video marketing in the yachting industry and believe we have barely scratched the surface of its potential. My mission is to introduce yachting to more people through inspiring and educational videos and make the Northrop & Johnson “Yachts For Sale and Charter” YouTube channel indisputably the most powerful yacht marketing platform in the world.

My Motto
Dance until your feet hurt.
Sing until your lungs hurt.
Act, until you’re William Hurt.

My Outside-office Life
In my outside life, I enjoy researching interesting history. I have a closet dream to cruise the British Isles in a small boat and produce historical documentary videos around the coastline. Much of my spare time is spent preparing for this.

Fast Facts

  • A friend and I once delivered a baby in a hotel lobby.
  • I collected insurance premiums from Yeomen in the Tower of London.
  • Italians say I speak Italian with the same accent as Laurel and Hard

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