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Maxime Forgin


+1 954 522 3344
+1 561 260 4762
Fort Lauderdale Office
2015 SW 20th Street Suite 200
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315
Speaks: English, French

My Present 
Hi, my name is Maxime Forgin. I am N&J's USA video producer and photographer. My goal is to create captivating visuals to promote not only our yacht fleet (for sale and for charter) but also our identity as a brokerage company.

With unprecedented events across the globe, having the ability to experience #Yachtlife through detailed walkthrough videos and immersive lifestyle shoots, we bring our prospective clients into another dimension.

Along with this delicate task, I try hard to bring focus to N&J's staff and our mission by showcasing everything from our efforts on a daily basis to our exclusive events.

My Past
Before N&J, I was running my own video production company, covering corporate and private events, including yachting.
My Future
In the future, I would like to develop the video production department in order to exceed customers' expectations. Pushing the limits on benefits video can produce.
Fast Facts 

  • I was born in a Paris, France
  • I enjoy learning documentary videos
  • I am a helicopter pilot
  • I spend my free time with my wife and two dogs
  • My favorite activities are travel, anything outdoors and OneWheel

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