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Posted December 2, 2021 in Travel by Janine St.Denis

On the cusp between Summer and Fall in 1835, a naturalist and his crew were traversing the world, on a mission to observe and catalog wildlife of all climates. Toward the end of their journey aboard the HMS BEAGLE, rays of sunlight fell upon a set of islands, just ahead in the horizon. The crew of the BEAGLE surged forward, docked and widened their eyes in amazement at the world they had just entered.

Since then, The Galapagos Archipelago has been immortalized in textbooks, writings, voyages and oral tradition, and for good reason.

So, why The Galapagos?

In a word, incomparable.

Northrop & Johnson Charter Broker Patricia Finnegan described her journey to The Galapagos as “a trip of a lifetime, definitely a bucket list experience.”

This breathtaking web of dazzling white sands, emerald foliage and flocks of wildlife is nearly impossible to put into words, landing it as one of the top destinations for trips and charters around the world on Cruising World’s Best Charter Destinations, Indagare’s Top 10 Best Summer Charter Spots and many more.

And now, with the unprecedented ability to cruise this destination aboard a superyacht, there is no better time. With the launch of the bespoke AQUA MARE, one of N&J’s spectacular charters, starting operations in May of 2022, your charter to The Galapagos will truly be unforgettable. She stands as the pioneer of intersecting vacations to the Archipelago with the ultimate luxury experience. Bearing an inordinate amount of space internally and on deck, as well as unparalleled accommodations, amenities and itineraries, you won’t want to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Okay…First, can we break this journey down piece by piece?

Sure! For starters: beaches.

Scenic view of Galapagos

Needless to say, one of the reasons The Galapagos Archipelago is so widely celebrated is because of the sheer beauty and tranquility of its shores. Whether aboard your charter yacht or on foot, you are given access to an unforgettable experience, saturated in turquoise waves and crystal-clear currents. Thanks to the critically acclaimed restrictions on these remote islands, these beaches offer an inordinate amount of privacy and intimacy. With only a few travelers allowed at a time, you will be joined by minimal neighbors when snorkeling, kayaking and swimming amongst the array of brightly colored fish and truly unique marine life. Which leads us to our next reason…

When you’re not enjoying the soft sands and the warmth of the sun, the waters hold incredible treasures for the eye to behold. Snorkeling in The Galapagos is unparalleled, as is diving. The sea surrounding the islands holds a wide array of unrecognizable schools of fish, sharks, manta rays and, of course, giant sea turtles. Keep in mind, depending on the season you travel, the water temperatures change, but the amazement doesn’t. If you’re there during the cold-water season, bring a wet suit! You won’t want to miss the views.

Not one for the water? No problem.

The wonders of wildlife are not limited to the marine habitat. In essence, The Galapagos is where you find a world of fantasy, no wait, reality–

Wait….you’re telling me this isn’t photoshopped?

We’re talking about the place where Darwin first realized the capacity of evolution. Where creatures from the age of dinosaurs roam the waters and giant tortoises climb the cliffs. This is where Sea Lions have fur and bear-esque muzzles, where paleolithic marine iguanas jump off rocks and where little white gulls have blue highlighters for feet. Almost impossible to fathom, the magnificence of the Archipelago extends beyond the waters, wildlife and warmth. There are plenty of on-land activities, such as inland hikes with breathtaking trails and gorgeous volcanoes.

Wait…like the lava kind?

Yes! But don’t worry, you’re safe.

The beauty of having a volcanic structure means that you will see unprecedented black lava rocks throughout the island, affecting the way the vegetation grows, evolves and interacts with the water and wildlife on the Archipelago.

Given the way the volcanic structure developed, Island hopping is no obstacle for The Galapagos charterer. With the company of dedicated naturalists, you can explore each islet’s rich spectrum of views, activities and more.

If this fantasy is accessible to the public, how does it stay preserved? For one, the government limits the number of boats, yachts and other vessels as well as tourists allowed to visit each year. Furthermore, there are stringent rules about what you can and cannot do when there. Lastly, Northrop & Johnson is dedicated to ocean conservation and wildlife preservation — they are pillars of our brand. The fulfillment of these pillars necessitates our own well-being – both in our industry and our everyday lives.

One of the spectacular opportunities on a Galapagos trip is volunteering to give back to the natural environment that offers so much to us. Whether that includes agricultural assistance or habitat restoration, there are several organizations dedicated to preserving the historical beauty that rests just North of Ecuador.

A trip to The Galapagos is truly like no other, and that’s why our expert team of charter brokers and managers are here to help you bring this fantasy into fruition. And don’t worry, we’ve got a fleet of yachts at the ready.

Here is a glimpse of our top two picks for your next trip to The Galapagos:


Traveling to The Galapagos aboard the 164’ (50m) CRN Ancona superyacht AQUA MARE is the ultimate explorative experience available on the charter market today. The biggest, most opulent luxury yacht available offers 16 crewmembers for 16 guests – two of which are professionally trained naturalists. Her palatial owner’s suite boasts the largest accommodations in the Archipelago with an 80-square-meter area and immaculate 20-square-meter en-suite bath. AQUA MARE’s decks boast incomparable space for leisure and entertainment with sunpads, optional shading, a six-person Jacuzzi, an outdoor barbecue area and an early morning workout zone. Her beach club provides easy access to the water via its beautifully decorated lounge. Her tenders, toys and itineraries were custom designed for the Galapagos experience, providing an extensive collection to meet all your charter needs for your next trip to the Archipelago.

AQUA MARE charters exclusively to The Galapagos, starting at $196,000 per week.

Galapagos Charter Yacht Integrity profile


One of our exclusive yachts available for The Galapagos is the 141’ (42.98m) Gulf Craft superyacht INTEGRITY. She takes a more traditional approach to chartering aesthetics, decorated in a warm and welcoming ambiance. With a crew of 11 onboard, 16 lucky guests can enjoy front-row views of the Archipelago, from their choice of on-water lounging. Out on her decks, guests can kick back in the Jacuzzi, off the large swim platform, or even while sipping on a sundowner at the full-service bar. Her outdoor barbecue area allows guests to enjoy a savory meal at the formal dining table, seating all 16 guests together. Her upgraded media center, custom tenders and toys, and all-inclusive services ensure that your voyage to The Galapagos will be short of nothing.

INTEGRITY charters exclusively to The Galapagos, starting at $90,000 per week.

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