St. Lucia Yacht Charter Guide

From powdery white sand beaches and tropical gardens to relaxing spas and gourmet dining, a St. Lucia yacht charter through this Caribbean idyll is the ultimate yachting experience.

The second largest of the Windward Islands, St. Lucia is a haven for nature-lovers and luxury escapists alike. During a St. Lucia yacht charter guests can enjoy UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Pitons, ashore and plentiful water-related activities including scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing. The island may be less glitzy than some of its Caribbean neighbours but its rainforest-cloaked hills and plunging coastline hide endless treasures for those in the know.

Charter Experience

A St. Lucia yacht charter allows visitors to experience a part of the Caribbean that has remained relatively unchanged over the centuries. The British influence has meant that English is the official language, but over the years St Lucia has switched between British and French control and islanders speak a French Creole, known as Patois.


Much of St. Lucia is mountainous and covered in a blanket of thick rainforest, and the south-west corner has arguably the most arresting sight in the whole of the Caribbean: the green and precipitous volcanic cones of the Petit Piton and Gros Piton, which rise out of a blue ocean. Both 2,000-foot-high Piton peaks are UNESCO listed.


The island’s rugged green mountainside and warm tropical seas make for scenic cruising. Charters tend to stay on the western leeward side of the island where excellent marinas and snug coves make for a comfortable trip as you explore the lush interior and the azure waters.

St. Lucia has some very interesting scuba diving and snorkeling sites, and some of the world’s best fishing is on offer here. The abundant sea life includes whales, dolphins, leatherback turtles and a range of colorful reefs are dotted along the coastline.


St. Lucia’s west coast is where you will find the island’s most beautiful beaches, including the lengthy panorama of Reduit and the southerly Anse Chastanet. Not far from there is the Ti Kaye Resort & Spa, a resort you can visit by superyacht and step ashore for a luxury spa treatment. Wellness is a top priority on the island of St. Lucia and other spa options include the Rainforest Spa at Sugar Beach, located right between the Pitons, and the Marigot Bay Spa Village. The latter is located in a very pretty bay, where the deep water turns from jade to gold as the sun sets and the sound of tree frogs and music ricochets across the water from Hurricane Hole – Marigot Bay’s best bar.


Onshore, you can also explore the island’s soaring volcanic peaks that hold a wealth of attractions: from sulphuric hot springs to waterfalls, and even a drive-in bubbling volcano. St. Lucia is extremely fertile and nature abounds, you’ll find that freely-growing pineapples, sweet potatoes and bananas are commonplace.


For fine dining with a view of the Pitons, and St. Lucian chocolate from Emerald Estate, head to Jade Mountain – the luxury resort of architect Nick Troubetzkoy. The resort has a chocolate laboratory where you can see local chocolate transformed into fudge bars.


Wandering around the bustling markets is a morning well spent in the Marina Village of Marigot Bay where there are also selections of high-end jewellery and clothing.


Visit the delightful Pigeon Island off the west coast for serene lunches and relaxing on white-sand shores coloured by lizards, tropical birds and mongoose, which call it home.

Location Highlights

  • The world’s only drive-in volcano bath at Soufriere
  • From the anchorage near Anse Piton, with Sugar Beach in the background, hike or drive up Gros Piton
  • Snorkel and scuba dive off Anse Chastanet
  • Scuba dive the wreck of the Lesleen M, at Anse Cochon
  • Zipline from hill heights through rainforest to sea level
  • Head to Pigeon island, pitstop at waterfront café Jambe de Bois, before hiking or wildlife-watching
  • Visit Canaries golden beach, just in front of the fishing village
  • Sample the island’s molasses-based rums aged in Bourbon barrels at Ti Kaye Resort’s rum cave
  • Enjoy free-flowing Piton beer or spiced rum and party the night away at Castries after Fish Fry Jump Up Fridays, at Rodney Bay
  • Visit in November to witness the arrival of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC), the largest transatlantic sailing event in the world

Expert Advice

“St Lucia is more discreet than some of the other islands. But that is part of the island’s charm and probably why it is a sought-after getaway spot for honeymooners, celebrities and charter guests who are looking for a different experience. It attracts your most adventurous types who are into scuba diving, hiking, and want to see a more rugged, authentic Caribbean.”

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