Curaçao Yacht Charter Guide

The beautiful landscape of Curaçao holds many secret bays and anchorages filled with strikingly intense blue-colored water. Scenic and lush, enjoy the stunning views during a Curaçao yacht charter..

Best discovered during a Cucaçao yacht charter, the Caribbean hot spot has become one of the most sought-after locales for the waterborne. One of three Dutch Caribbean islands known collectively as the ABC’s, the islands bring a new dimension to the Caribbean yachting scene. Pristine white sand beaches are complemented by a arid interior, providing a perfect backdrop as you encompass the islands in one perfect itinerary.

Curacao luxury yacht charter view of downtown Willemstad Netherlands Antilles

Charter Experience

Part of the “Dutch Caribbean”, you will find this tiny island during a Curaçao yacht charter in the southern Caribbean Sea. Lying just off the coast of Venezuela, the island was once an important center for trade. As such, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and British influences can be found ashore during a Curaçao yacht charter. Deriving a native language, Papimaentu — a mixture of Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish — and a lively and unique culture make it one of the most welcoming islands in the Caribbean.


The ruggedly beautiful landscape of Curaçao holds many secret bays and anchorages filled with strikingly intense blue-colored sea, which was the namesake of Curaçao blue liquor. Scenic and lush, enjoy the stunning views during your luxury yacht charter of Curaçao. Stunning cliffs drop off into the sea and coral and limestone caves dug out by the waves have built incredible caverns. Explore the island by hiking, mountain biking and ATVing to get a true sense of its awe-inspiring vistas.

Below the surface of the sea, Curaçao has much to offer. Renowned coral reefs provide an exciting place to watch marine life in its natural habitat. Just 60 meters off the northern shore of Curaçao, find the “blue edge.” This steep, seafloor drop off is an incredible dive for those with experience. The south coast of Curaçao offers calmer waters with incredible anchorages.


The crown jewel of Curaçao is the capital city of Willemstad. Lively and urbane, here you will find candy-colored colonial buildings among boutiques and high-end shopping, incredible restaurants and a slew of bars and clubs for the ultimate nightlife experience. Despite its cosmopolitan atmosphere, Willemstad also is a UNESCO World Heritage City and features an array of historical sites, such as Fort Nassau and Fort Amsterdam. This city truly has something for everyone during a Curaçao yacht charter.

Location Highlights

  • Scuba ive off the coast to see the “blue edge”
  • Spend an afternoon shopping among the candy-colored buildings of Willemstad
  • Enjoy the African artwork at Hotel Kura Hulanda
  • Spend a sunny day on Cas Abou Beach
  • Catch live local music at De Gouveneur in Otrabana

Expert Advice

A bit out of the way of Willemstad, but considered one of the best restaurants on the island. Be sure to take the extra time to seek out Trio Penotti for great fresh fish dishes cooked in a local style.

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