Bonaire Yacht Charter Guide

Located just 50 miles off the coast of South America, the B in the ABC Islands is best discovered with a Bonaire yacht charter

Discover the tiny island of Bonaire, with its desert-like interior and vibrant underwater world during a Bonaire yacht charter. A diver paradise, the island, which is one of the “ABC” Islands, is surrounded by a coral reef that has been designated a national park. Just a few meters from the shore lie dozens of exceptional diving and snorkeling sites, all of which are easily accessible.

luxury yacht for charter in Bonaire cruising near idyllic island in crystal blue Caribbean Sea

Charter Experience

One of the “ABC” Islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao) Bonaire shares Dutch influence with its former Netherlands Antilles sisters. Although tiny, only 111 square miles, Bonaire boasts a big personality. From the heights of its tallest peak, Brandaris, to the depths of the sea, there is so much to discover during your Bonaire yacht charter. Ringed by a coral reef, there is incredible diving below the surface of Bonaire’s pristine waters. Dive the 63 official dive sites for a glimpse of the more than 350 fish species and 57 soft and stony corals that call the Bonaire Marine Park home.

Lay back and relax as your cruise the unhurried island. Hustle and bustle can’t be found ashore on the incredibly idyllic Bonaire. With more than 22 beaches, there are multiple places to nestle into the sand and unwind. Few days are better spent than when visiting the uninhabited Klein Bonaire, home to turtle nesting grounds. If you’re keen for activity during Bonaire yacht charter, consider the medium-difficulty club to the peak of Brandaris, where you can steal a peek at Venezuela on a clear day. A crucial part of the islands ecosystem, there are many cave formations on Bonaire to reconnoiter.

Sail into the main port of Kralendijk to enjoy this vibrant and animated Caribbean city with beautiful architecture and winding streets. A wonderful stop during a Bonaire yacht charter, peruse the Wilhelmina square market for island-made souvenirs or enjoy a meal at one of the cities delectable restaurants.

Location Highlights

  • Enjoy a beach picnic on the uninhabited Klein Bonaire
  • Dive the stunning underwater landscape of Karpata
  • Visit the Gruta di Lourdes
  • Discover the well-kept secret of Boca Cocolishi’s black-sand beaches
  • Peruse Wilhelmina square market for island keepsakes

Expert Advice

Bonaire has a host of off-shore dive sites on offer. After a morning of sun on the beach, don your gear and walk into the sea for a peak of the stunning offerings below the waterline.

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