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Caribbean yacht charter

When the Northern hemisphere is entrenched in winter, cold, blustery sun-less days, the sun-drenched islands of the Caribbean are humming with island-y activity. A Caribbean yacht charter is the ultimate cure for the blues any time of year.

Crystal-clear, sparkling blue waters, long stretches of white-sand beaches, secluded anchorages and incredible flora and fauna mix beautifully with luxury hotels, five-star restaurants and spas to ensuring your every desire is a reality.

Thousands of islands can be found in the Caribbean Sea, starting at The Bahamas and working south toward Trinidad and Tobago. There are roughly five regions of the Caribbean, beginning with The Bahamas. Further south you will find the Leeward Islands, the Windward Islands and finally the Greater and Lesser Antilles.

Each region boasts its own unique culture and each island within has a soul and flavor all its own. Many of the islands are former colonies of the French, British, Dutch and other European colonial powers. Influences can be found ashore from cuisines to traffic laws. Though many islands now are governed on their own accords, the history refines each locale.

Besides sunbathing, there is so much to do in the Caribbean. Each island has a unique terrain. Some boast active volcanoes and mountain ranges begging to be hiked while others are flat and protected by stunning coral reefs that must be seen to be believed.

Access to the Caribbean for a luxury yacht charter is relatively accessible. Most islands have their own airports, many of which are international and because of the popularity of most islands, there are excellent facilities to be found. Despite the esteem, there also are plenty of less-traveled locales to visit, if you wish to get away from it all. You truly can have it all during a Caribbean yacht charter.

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