Discover The Rest Of The World In A Luxury Yacht Charter


Many more owners are opting to take their yachts farther from the beaten path as the latest builds are able to cruise longer distances and faster than ever before. Why not take advantage with a yacht charter further afield. From the splendor of the Scandinavian fjords to the calm serenity of the Indian Ocean, South Pacific and Southeast Asia, Northrop & Johnson’s charter experts have explored beyond the traditional coastlines to offer you an alternative selection of varied cruising grounds – all of which are best discovered by yacht.

Charter Experience

Despite what cruising habits might suggest, there truly is so much more to explore than the popular coastlines of the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Those looking for a little more adventure should embark on a yacht charter further afield and head to the far-flung lands of Australia and New Zealand. Natural beauty abounds across the miles of deserted beaches that ring the coastlines of both vast countries. The islands that dot the South Pacific are marooned in an idyllic ocean, forgotten by the 21st century, while in the Indian Ocean the Seychelles and Maldives provide all who grace their shores with a world of pure escapism. For something quite different, the lands of the Baltic are as remote as one could wish for. Cruise along the enchanting coastlines of Norway and Iceland, through the archipelagos of Denmark and Sweden or to the fairytale fishing villages of Finland, the opportunities these varied coastlines provide are infinite.

All four corners of the globe offer endless supplies of attractions and activities. See more with Northrop & Johnson’s immersive itineraries that crisscross the globe to take you on a cultural charter through these alternative cruising grounds. Despite the remote settings of many of these destinations, a superyacht charter nevertheless remains the height of luxury.

Expert Advice

Don’t be afraid to try something new. The Caribbean and Mediterranean are excellent destinations for enjoy a luxury yacht charter, but the world is your oyster when you cruise aboard a yacht and there are a multitude of excellent destinations available to you…if you choose to think outside the box.

Destinations in The Rest of the World

blue glaciers and passenger boat from yacht charter Antarctica


Experience the humbling beauty of raw nature and mountain sized glaciers during the ultimate Antarctica yacht charter. The most adventurous of cruising grounds, the last wilderness on earth provides the ultimate cruising ground, best discovered by exploration yacht.

Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island luxury yacht charter


The coastline of Australia is ideal for the adventurous charterer. From the Great Barrier Reef to the Whitsunday Islands, there is so much to explore with a Australia yacht charter, both above and below the waterline, and the best way to experience it all is by luxury yacht.

Idyllic beach on the Seychelles

The Indian Ocean

From the ocean idylls of the Maldives to the mountainous, jungle-covered islands of the Seychelles, the Indian Ocean is a tempting alternative winter destination to the Caribbean. Both offer endless cruising possibilities for a luxury yacht charter.

Milford Sound, New Zealand

New Zealand

From sporting and cultural attractions to the mountains, deep fjords, rainforests, glaciers and geothermal pools, the dual islands of New Zealand offer such vast and varied landscapes. See the best New Zealand has to offer by taking to the water.

Norwegian fjord


Long regarded as one of Europe’s most pristine cruising grounds with scenery on an epic scale, the timeless quality of Scandinavia’s coastlines has changed little over the past centuries, leaving a unique atmosphere that is best enjoyed from the decks of a luxury yacht.

On-water bungalows

The South Pacific

The South Pacific is home to some of the world’s most pristine cruising grounds that offer views straight from a postcard. Beautiful beaches, sparkling cerulean water, verdant mountains and rich coral reefs all can be found if you choose to cruise off the beaten path.

aerial of Tahiti yacht charters at anchor in clear blue ocean


Of the five archipelagos in French Polynesia, three of these island groups are best suited for a Tahiti yacht charter. Each is completely different in terms of change in sceneries and experience. These three groups include the Society Islands, the Tuamotu atolls and the Marquesas Islands.

south africa private safari view from luxury yacht charter guide

South Africa

There are few better ways to experience the unique beauty and culture of South Africa than by luxury yacht. From the ruggedly beautiful terrain and pristine beaches of the Eastern Cape to the world-class city of Cape Town, explore its stunning diverse landscape offering world-class wineries and delights.

Rest of the World Yachts for Charter