Accessible yacht for sale

Yacht accessibility is a crucial point of consideration for yacht owners and charterers who use wheelchairs or have limited mobility.

Yacht Accessibility

Northrop & Johnson boasts access to every luxury yacht over 30 meters for sale on the planet and can connect you with an accessible boat that meets your needs. If you own a yacht or are looking to buy one, we can also offer expert and trusted advice on modifications that can be made to a vessel to make it wheelchair accessible, for example. 



At N&J, we understand that no disability should hold you back from enjoying time on the water. That’s why we go above and beyond to find the vessel that meets your unique needs.

We pride ourselves on making yachting accessible to everyone. Our team will listen to your needs and then handpick a selection of accessible yachts for sale for you to consider. We excel at delivering a service that is second to none, elevating the yachting experience into one that is truly extraordinary.

Available Accessible Yachts for Sale

What are the benefits of an accessible yacht for sale?

Superyachts are traditionally hard to navigate for those with limited mobility issues, with narrow decks, multiple stairs, and cabins located away from the main salons. This has been a point of frustration for many.

However, times are changing, and shipbuilders and owners are increasingly turning to inclusive and thoughtful designs. This means there is now a superb selection of yachts that are accessible to all.

Accessible yachts eliminate barriers enabling you to enjoy life to the maximum aboard a luxury vessel. Whether you want to cruise blue water havens such as the Mediterranean or the Caribbean or wish to explore the world’s most remote oceans, we can connect you with your ideal accessible yacht, offering trusted and expert guidance at every step.

Elevator on board motor yacht MOCA for Sale | Contact Northrop & Johnson

What are some popular yacht accessibility features?

An accessible yacht is genuinely inclusive, enabling all individuals to move freely around a vessel and enjoy all its onboard amenities without sacrificing style or luxury. Just some features found on an accessible yacht include: 

  • Ramps for easy boarding
  • Elevators provide easy access to all floors
  • A master suite on the main deck
  • Strategically placed handrails and armless chairs
  • Wide passageways and doors for enhanced manoeuvrability
  • Crew trained in accessibility

Elevator on board motor yacht ELEMENTS for Sale | Contact Northrop & Johnson

Yachts with elevators

An accessible superyacht will likely feature an elevator, allowing guests of all physical abilities and ages to access all areas of a boat. A yacht with an elevator offers multiple benefits, including enhanced safety over stairs should a yacht experience a sudden rolling movement due to inclement weather. They can also make it much quicker to access the different levels of a boat. In addition, a hydraulic lift platform can also ensure getting onboard the yacht is effortless.

Master Cabin on the Main Deck on board motor yacht SEA OWL for Sale | Contact Northrop & Johnson

Master suite on the main deck

Other features may also include a clever layout, such as a master suite on the main deck providing direct access to the salon or dining area, strategically placed handrails throughout the yacht, armless chairs, and clever bathing solutions, including accessible and easy-to-use walk-in baths and showers.

Crew aboard a motor yacht | Contact Northrop & Johnson

Crew trained in accessibility

The crew onboard an accessible yacht will be highly trained and will go the extra mile to ensure everyone’s needs are expertly met. 

Contact the N&J team to learn more about our portfolio of accessible yachts for sale and how you can enjoy all the benefits of a luxury yacht.

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