Gorgeous Greece | Athens to Poros

Day 1
Athens to Hydra

Embark the yacht in Athens. After settling in, cruise to Hydra, a unique little island to the south. No vehicles, including cars, motorbikes and even bicycles, are allowed on the island. The best means of exploring include donkeys, water taxis, speed boats and walking. Interesting architecture, historical churches and beautiful rocky beaches abound. The island features exciting nightlife for those who want to dance ‘til dawn.

Day 2
Hydra to Leonidio

Located on the southeastern coast of the Peloponnese is the town of Leonidio. This beautiful little spot lies a bit inland but is accessible via the Dafnona river. Tender in to visit the immense beauty found here.

Day 3
Leonidio to Monemvasia

Monemvasia is home to one of the most important and impressive castles in the Peloponnese. This Byzantine-period castle and town retain its traditional style, including stone homes, churches and fortifications. The town is connected to the coast via a single bridge and gate, which garnered the town’s name “Moni” means single and “Emvasis” means gate.

Day 4
Monemvasia to Kithira

Kithira is rumored to be one of the islands where Greek goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of love, arose from the ocean in her iconic clamshell. Upon arrival in Kithira, it would not surprise you that the goddess of love spent time here due to the romance and beauty of the island. The village of Milopotamos with a Venetian castle, caves and a waterfall, also is worth a visit. Beach lovers will enjoy soaking up the sun at Kalami Bay. Kithira’s capital Chora is located on the southside of the island. This charming parish sits above the island’s famed Kapsali beach.

Day 5
Kithira to Spetses

The island Spetses boasts a beautiful dynamic of traditional and cosmopolitan culture. Cars are few and far between ashore; most choose to get around via horse-drawn carriage or bicycle. Visit the island’s impressive mansions, the square of Poseidon, the variety of museums and town hall, among other locations. The island is famous for almonds and pottery; both are great items to purchase while visiting.

Day 6
Spetses to Poros

The sister islands of Poros offer a beautiful dichotomy; the large island has lush, green rolling hills while the smaller features rocky topography. The larger island’s main town features a variety of restaurants, shopping and bars and an iconic clocktower. The island’s lemon forest and Temple of Poseidon also are worth a visit.

Day 7
Poros to Athens

Greece’s capital of Athens truly is a magical place. Often regarded as the birthplace of Western culture, its traditions are steeped in antiquity. Archeological wonders and ruins can be found everywhere. After disembarking the yacht, spend the day exploring all that Athens has to offer.

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