Island Hopping Through Raja Ampat | Indonesia

Day 1
Sorong to Batanta Island (36 nautical miles)

Upon landing at Sorong airport, you’ll be transported by a private vehicle and tender on a brief 20-minute journey to the luxurious yacht that you’ve selected as your accommodation for the next ten nights. Once settled onboard, we’ll set sail towards Batanta Island, where we’ll drop anchor for our first night. As the smallest of Raja Ampat’s four principal islands, Batanta serves as a splendid initial encounter with the breathtaking sights of the reef and rainforest.

Day 2
Batanta to Kri Islands (18 nautical miles)

Get an early start to observe the bird of paradise, which typically puts on a dazzling display of dance at sunrise before leaving its home tree to search for food. Afterward, we’ll stop by the nearby village of Tapokreng to mingle with the friendly locals, meet the elementary school students, and maybe even sample some betel nuts. Once back on board, we’ll navigate towards the Kri Islands, known for their expansive sand bank, prime diving spots, and stunning kayaking excursions through the concealed mangroves.

Day 3
Kri Islands to Kawe Island (58 nautical miles)

Situated in close proximity to the Equator within the Raja Ampat region, Kawe Island boasts breathtaking white sand beaches and picturesque landscapes, including a charming waterfall located on the island’s western edge. With superb diving and snorkeling opportunities, you’ll discover striking coral formations brimming with shoals of fish, and might even have the chance to swim alongside manta rays.

Days 4 & 5
Kawe Island to Wayag Islands (13 nautical miles)

Welcome to the Wayag archipelago, the jewel of Raja Ampat, where you can spend a day surrounded by the area’s most iconic landscapes. It’s highly recommended to undertake a climb up one of the numerous island peaks to take in the awe-inspiring views of the remarkable scenery. You can also partake in diving or snorkeling to experience the incredibly diverse marine life, or enjoy a paddle board session along the shoreline of the impressive limestone islands. In the evening, we can relish in a few cocktails and a delicious barbecue feast on the beach.

Day 6
Wayag Island to Wofoh Island (28 nautical miles)

Wofoh Island caters to the interests of both divers and non-divers alike. With numerous dive sites offering a blend of hard coral, barrel sponges, and soft corals filled with vibrant fish, the island provides an unforgettable underwater adventure. The tranquil waters surrounding the island also make it an ideal location for kayaking and paddle boarding, while the stunning white sand beaches are the perfect spot for sundowners and a delicious barbecue dinner.

Day 7
Wofoh Island to the Fam Islands (25 nautical miles)

Embark on a sail this morning to the enchanting Fam Islands and discover hidden bays and serene blue lagoons. Explore the area by kayaking or diving to witness some of the most exquisite coral gardens in the region. Later in the day, take a sunset hike to the peak of one of the islands and marvel at the panoramic views that unfold before your eyes.

Day 8
Fam Islands to Misool Island (73 nautical miles)

Today, we drop anchor at Tomolol Bay, situated on the picturesque Misool Island. The bay is a treasure trove of hundreds of small islands, perfect for exploration using one of our tenders. The crystal-clear sea in this area is very sheltered and the scenery is truly exceptional. We will explore a colossal cave using either a canoe, paddle board or even just by swimming. The stalactites within the cave are monumental, the light is minimal and the peaceful ambience is unparalleled. The cave holds sacred importance for the local community. In the evening, relish in a delectable barbecue feast prepared by our expert crew, making it a memorable experience for all.

Day 9
Misool Island to Wayil Batan (22 nautical miles)

Another enchanting destination that you won’t want to miss is Wayil Batan. Paddle board your way through the shallow bays of the island and admire the abundance of bird life close to the reef. For a thrilling experience, we highly recommend wakeboarding between the charming little mushroom islands.

Day 10
Wayil Batan to Farondi Islands (18 nautical miles)

The Farondi Islands, a cluster of small islands, are a must-visit for divers because of their unique seascape. The vibrant marine life and diverse, colorful coral formations are truly awe-inspiring. The rugged bays in the area are perfect for exploring by kayak or paddle board, allowing for an up-close encounter with the pristine natural beauty of the islands.

Day 11
Farondi Islands to Sorong (77 nautical miles)

We’ll set sail early in the morning towards Sorong, where we’ll arrive in time for breakfast and disembark from the yacht. From there, a private vehicle and tender will be waiting to transfer you to Sorong airport, so you can continue your journey homeward or to your next destination.

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