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My Present

Greetings! My name is John Slate and I excel in assisting my clients with finding or building the perfect yacht that fits their specific lifestyle. As families grow and needs change, so will your yacht.Having a seasoned partnerwith their finger on the pulse of the market is imperative to move positions in this chaotic industry. With my experience, I am uniquely positioned to work with a very select group of clientele andwill only devote my time toa certain group each year. My commitment to focus on only the best of the best ensures my attention and expertise serve them at the highest return. I absolutely love being a part of the story of how the yacht I found or assisted in building brings families closer together and offers an unparalleled escape for the hardest-working individuals on the planet.

My Past

Growing up in Fort Lauderdale, yachting runs in my blood. As a youth, I would fix up boats behind my home in order to fish or water ski on the weekends. I began my career in the shipyards and ran The Roscioli Yachting Center in Fort Lauderdale for nearly 20 years. I learned all facets of ship repair, sales, and yacht construction as we built the custom line of Donzi Sportfishermen. In 2003 I received my brokerage license where I spearheaded new boat sales and trade-in vessels on this line and grew it from one model to four. In 2011, I became President of Zeelander Yachts USA where I completed the construction of 30 boats in the U.S. and expanded their line to three larger models, eventually moving production back to Europe as I continued selling and building these yachts. I was the captain of a yacht for a private family traveling in The Bahamas during the winter and New England during the summer for 10 yearshave been selling and building yachts for customers for over five years with Northrop & Johnson.

My Future

I am eager to find/build amazing yachts that utilize cutting-edge technology as well as sourcing and implementing the latest and greatest in materials and equipment. However, with all that being said, I care about beauty and style. You can have the greatest yacht “by the numbers” but if it has no soul, it’s simply an object. I prefer to work with individuals who can appreciate form over function and think and feel with passion. A yacht is a work of art and must be created as such.

My Motto

Let’s do this right now. Sometimes, later becomes never.

My Outside-office Life

I love spending time with my family, especially my daughter. I'm extremely focused on exercise and nutrition and implement both into my daily routine.

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