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Chad Pordes

Sales Broker

+1 949 642 5735
+1 310 343 0999
Newport Beach Office
2801 West Coast Hwy, Suite 260
Newport Beach, CA 92663
Speaks: English

My Present 
Hi, I’m Northrop & Johnson Yacht Broker Chad Pordes. As a Yacht Broker with N&J, I spend my days selling central agency yachts and finding the perfect yachts for clients looking for their next on-water adventure. My favorite aspect of my role is meeting new clients and making new connections within the industry.

My Past
I am a Southern Californian, born and raised. SoCal is where I first fell in love with the water. I’ve had a passion for the ocean and boating from a young age. I got my start in the yachting industry as a yacht captain and eventually made the move ashore to become a yacht manager.

My Future
I’m excited to continue learning and growing in my role as a yacht broker and to continue to expand my network of clients.

My Motto
Life is better on the water.

My Outside-office Life
When I’m not out on the water, I enjoy exploring California and Mexico, especially visiting the desert, where I can be found riding my dirt bike.

Fast Facts 
I’m very adventurous
One of my bucket-list places I want to visit is Monaco
I am a big country music fan


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