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Bob Fritsky

Sales Broker

My present
Hi, my name is Bob Fritsky. One would think that after 30 years in the marine business, I would have seen everything, but the yacht business continues to surprise and inform me every day. Based on hard-won experience, I have come to believe even the most difficult transactional waters can be navigated safely with trusting relationships and comprehensive communications. I am fortunate that many clients have built and bought multiple yachts with me as their trusted advisor. I learned to actively network my clients together, so they can share their knowledge and ideas to everyone's benefit. 

My job is to provide an uber-luxury experience for my clients when they buy or sell a mega yacht. I find each transaction is a mixture of psychology, education, hard numbers, soft numbers, a pinch of poker, and a dash of alchemy. It is a magical experience to help my clients achieve their dreams, and I assemble an impressive team to help me make it happen. In a business where we can be looking at eight and nine-digit pricing, be assured I am available to all my clients 24 hours every day, wherever the continent and whatever the season.

My Past
I have built and sold four substantial businesses before retiring and buying a yacht, and then catching a passion for all things maritime. My resultant past strong business and contract law sensibilities often inform my yachting transactions. As an experienced European traveler, I enjoy bringing clients not only to visit European shipyards but also to appreciate the cuisine, culture and history surrounding the shipyards. In addition, throughout the years, I have developed a trusted coterie of surveyors, technicians, yacht managers, charter brokers and many other highly skilled specialists, always available when required.
My Future
To continue to be a trusted advisor to my clients and colleagues and share with them the rich experiences that come with building a world-class yacht.

Fast facts

  • Trust is crucial in every yacht transaction
  • There is no substitute for experience in the yacht business
  • Open communications make better outcomes
  • This is a team business; it is important to use all the expertise you can gather to do the best possible job

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