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Ann Avery

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Speaks: English, Spanish, French

My Present 
Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Ann Avery, but you can call me Annie. As a Yacht Broker at Northrop & Johnson, I strive to help people live the dream of a glorious, adventurous life on the water. I am a board member of the International Superyacht Society (ISS) and have served as Secretary for eight years. Though my successes do not exclude motor yachts, I was awarded IYBA Sailboat Broker of the Year in 2020, 2021 and 2022. I’m passionate about my personal social media which emphasizes progressive yacht design and “green” technologies. Every month, I produce audio interviews related to ocean conservation.

My Past
I was born into a family of five girls, all raised in the Pacific Northwest: Washington State. I’ve always had an affinity for academics and athletics, having grown up skiing and swimming competitively. My younger years were spent alternating between a cabin in the mountains during the winter and a cabin on the river in the summer.

My studies at the University of Washington in Seattle (UW) matched my avid interest in travel, languages and culture. For study abroad, I attended the University of Madrid and my deep dive into Spain’s rich culture left me wanting more. The following summer, I taught swimming on northern coast of Spain, before resuming my studies at a language institute in Paris for three months. During my time in the City of Light, I refined my French speaking skills and cultural knowledge before returning to my studies at UW. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language and Literature.

Seeking adventure, I then hitchhiked through Central & South America and the Caribbean before returning to complete my master’s degree in Educational Communications and Bilingual Education, eventually becoming an adjunct faculty member at UW in the Bilingual Education Department. Shortly thereafter, I went on a year-long sailing cruise with my family in the Caribbean which changed the course of my life. Having discovered my true passion, I became one of three female working captains in the Caribbean as a professional captain of private charter yachts for two years. After traveling to Africa, I returned to captain again in the Caribbean and Europe for another three years before I traded in my sea legs to become one of a handful of female yacht sales brokers in the world.

My Future
I’m very interested in the path to regenerating the earth and life on earth. I’d like to raise awareness for what we can do as an industry and as individuals to replenish the earth and create thriving life for all. I feel a responsibility to help empower the femininity of our world, give back to make a difference and share my blessings.

My Motto

My Outside-office Life
In my constant quest to understand world cultures and human beings, I’ve become very interested in how the invisible world works–energy, intuition, mystical and spiritual. I have been involved with two philanthropic organizations for 25 years: the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and the Pachamama Alliance. IONS was founded to study and understand psi phenomena in a scientific way, and the Pachamama Alliance is dedicated to preserving the rainforests while being sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling. I’ve been to the Amazon three times with the Pachamama Alliance to meet with partners and deepen the Pachamama Alliance mission. I hope to soon travel to India and Thailand to continue pursuing this work.

Fast Facts 

  • I once did a six-month African expedition in a Bedford truck.
  • I’ve hitchhiked through Uganda with a UN convoy going from Zaire to Kenya
  • I’m taking a year-long class on Women Centered Learning, to further my role of “empowering the feminine.”
  • I am passionate about the rise of feminine energy in our world. After all, women’s education is the 6th (out of 100) most important thing to do to reverse climate change and regenerate the health of the planet and our world.
  • I love writing & language and have written numerous articles & published photos for ShowBoats and DockWalk.

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