Edwina Harmer, Operations & Administration - Antibes N&J

Edwina Harmer

Projects Coordinator

+33 4 93 34 84 01
Antibes Office
12 Avenue de la Liberation
Antibes, France
Speaks: English, French

My Present
I’ve been employed at Northrop & Johnson for several years and have worked my way up the ranks as the company has grown, it’s been an exciting time being part of the company’s expansion and along with it my responsibilities and skill sets have also grown and changed.
At the present time, I am Project Coordinator for our European offices, I work in close collaboration with our managing director, Patrick Coote, and oversee the expansion and logistics of the French and Monaco offices.

My Past
I was born in the South of France, to an English father and French mother, I am therefore bilingual and the yachting industry has always been very much a part of my life as all my family is involved in different aspects of it.

My Future
I’m looking forward to being closely involved in the company’s long-term projects, I am never bored as every day is different which makes for a challenging and stimulating working life.

My Outside-office life
My son is growing up fast and in the future, I would like to take him around the world and explore different countries, I think it’s important to come into contact with contrasting cultures young to expand our understanding and tolerance of others.
When not at work, I enjoy spending time with my son at his many sporting activities.  Visiting my parents in Southwestern France and long lunches around a home-cooked meal with loved ones putting the world to rights.
I love interior design and one of my favorite things is making beautiful environments both at home and at work.  I also enjoy playing home stylist for my friends and helping them to refresh and reorganize their interiors.

My motto
Be yourself.  Everyone else is already taken.
Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.

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