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Dani Weber

Office Manager & Agency Services

+34 971 707 900
+34 670 933 885
Palma Office
C/ Porto Pi 4A, Edf. Dux 1ºA
Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Speaks: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian

My Present 
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Daniela Weber, but I prefer to go by Dani Weber.

I wear many hats, as I am the Local Legal Representative, Office Manager and Sales Broker Assistant of Northrop and Johnson’s office in Palma, Spain. My main goal is to ensure that the brokers receive all the support they require for their deals & listings and feel cared for & looked after. I also oversee the legal day-to-day operations of the office, timely reporting to the different departments, directors and chiefs as required.

“No” is a word that I’ve worked to delete from my dictionary, as I really enjoy overcoming the daily challenges that we are faced with. I am a team player—being positive is in my DNA. People describe me as a “facilitator” for my ability to make things happen. I believe that the secret lies in good resources, thinking outside the box to gain perspective and differentiating between what is urgent, what is important & what makes our hearts beat. I thoroughly enjoy the sense of belonging within the N&J community and the distinctive family-like identity that we all share as “NoJos”.

My Past
I was born in Madrid, but I am of German & Burmese origin. I joined the yachting industry in the late ’80s so I have been in the scene for quite some time, allowing me a deep insight into the local industry and above all, great contacts & knowledge that allow me to grow and thrive as a professional.

I started my career in the industry running the administration department of Five Star Yacht Care, a gardiennage company based in Puerto Portals. I also tasted the crew life as a stewardess on a 138’ (42m) motor yacht for one season. After the experience, I moved back ashore to begin work as a PA for a renowned lawyer, Miguel Feliu (Bufete Feliu), gaining intensive experience in law, court proceedings and immigration processes. After a taste of the real estate field, I became office manager of Idimar, the former Balearic cluster for marine technological innovation through EU-funded projects. In 2011, I joined Yacht Projects, a company that specializes in TPA procedures for yachts, as well as agency services. In 2016, I moved over to run PalmaFits — a sister company of PalmaWatch — dedicated to the project management of yachts of over 30 meters. In 2017, I joined the former franchisee of Northrop & Johnson in Spain, which ceased its operations in 2020 but was immediately taken over as a full-fledged N&J office. I haven’t looked back since!

My Future
I will continue providing support to my team and Northrop & Johnson by improving my skills and contributing as an active agent to its growth and expansion.

My Motto
“Always treat others like you would like to be treated and, no matter what, behave in such a manner that you are never ashamed to look at your own image in the mirror. Be the best version of yourself. Be grateful, give more than what you receive, share what you have and each day, gift those around you with your smile.”

My Outside-office Life
I am a very proud mother of three wonderful human beings: my son and firstborn, Javi, and my identical twin daughters, Gloria and Alba. They are all grown-ups now but still brushing off the feathers of adolescence while they pursue their dreams at college. Our family is completed by 4 lovable female dogs, Lilo the beagle and the 3 border collies: Bowie, Bella and Toppy. We used to compete with them at high levels in dog agility, but they are now happily retired due to age.
I am a member of various business networking organizations and am constantly taking courses to help me grow both professionally and personally.

Fast Facts 

  • Currently, I am the President of the Balearic Yacht Broker Association (BYBA).
  • I have an identical twin sister who is a Charter Manager at N&J.
  • I am a very social person; I love cooking and traveling is my passion.
  • I actively support several NGOs dedicated to subjects I carry at heart.
  • I thoroughly enjoy watching tennis and F1 races and I used to be a dog agility judge.

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