Mehdi Alaoui, Marketing - Fort Lauderdale N&J

Mehdi Alaoui

IT Help Desk Specialist

+1 954 522 3344
+1 954 795 6635
Fort Lauderdale Office
2015 SW 20th Street Suite 200
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315
Speaks: English, French

My Present 

My name is Mehdi and I am an IT Help Desk Specialist, also known as IT Support. What I love most about my job is the chance to work with and learn new technology. However, the biggest challenge in my position is the constant need for continuing education and self-study to keep up with the ever-changing field of tech. Despite this, what makes my job unique is that I have had various roles outside of the tech sphere that have allowed me to hone my soft skills and apply my IT knowledge in a holistic way.

My Past

I grew up in several different places due to my father's work, including Montreal, South Florida, Georgia, New York, and Morocco. I have worked for a VOIP company that specialized in terminating calls for some of the largest international calling card companies and was also a Bilingual Helpdesk Analyst for GE Digital. After my contract with GE ended, I found a new opportunity with N&J where I could expand my responsibilities and grow within the company.

My Future

As for my future goals, I hope to take full advantage of where my career can take me and learn and utilize bleeding-edge technology to transform the workplace for the better. My focus is on cloud computing, and I believe in improving myself each day to grow exponentially. At N&J, I plan to maximize the opportunities for continuing education and advancement to aid in our mutual growth.

My Motto

“The goal is not to be better than the other man, but better than your previous self.”- Dalai Lama

My Outside-office Life

My life outside of the office consists of taking care of my family and practicing daily gratitude. I partake in several hobbies including physical fitness, self-education, self-improvement and travel.

Fast Facts 
I was raised speaking several languages including French

My first solo trip was when I was three and a half years old

I co-authored a medical article about heart disease when I was 17
a two-week trip to Japan has been on my bucket list since I was in elementary school

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