Jason Heid, Marketing - Fort Lauderdale N&J

Jason Heid

Social Media Manager

+1 954 990 6482
+1 954 882 8503
Fort Lauderdale Office
2015 SW 20th Street Suite #100
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315
Speaks: English, Spanish

My Present
Hi, I’m Jason Heid, Social Media Manager at Northrop & Johnson. In this role, my primary focus is on reaching as many people as possible to amplify the N&J brand and boost awareness worldwide. Utilizing creativity, I strive to showcase the brand in a unique way that engages our audience and attracts new followers. What truly excites me about my job is the opportunity to meet incredibly interesting people from all over the world, hear their stories, and share mine along the way.

My Past
My journey began outside Philadelphia, growing up in a sports-oriented family with two younger brothers. From a young age, I immersed myself in various sports, eventually channeling my passion into opportunities within collegiate athletics. I attended NC State University, where I had the privilege of working with both the baseball and football teams.

Following college, I ventured into the sports industry, gaining valuable experience with organizations such as the NBA and Minor League Baseball. Eventually, my path led me to South Florida, where I worked for the Homestead-Miami Speedway. Eventually, the luxury hospitality sector captured my attention, and I moved into a role at a luxury restaurant on the river in Miami, leveraging social media to connect with guests and highlight the lifestyle associated with fine dining.

I have my drone pilot certification and my own camera and lenses, so being able to use my visual creativity to connect with the audience and bring ideas to life myself is something that I love to do and I am excited to bring a small portion of my skillset to N&J.

My Future
Looking ahead, my aspirations include continued learning, growth and amplifying the N&J voice across the yachting industry. I am enthusiastic about the prospect of traveling the world, connecting with diverse audiences, and contributing to the ongoing success of Northrop & Johnson.

My Motto
Be curious

My Outside-office Life
I love watching and playing any and all sports after work, including tuning in to Orioles Minor League games to see my little brother pitch. I also love traveling whenever and wherever possible either internationally or to the family lake house in New Hampshire

Fast Facts 
I have been to 25 countries and 6 continents, although the last one Antarctica may not happen for some time

Despite being the classic gringo, I speak Spanish after living in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Cusco, Peru for different periods

I love photography and printing my work. It's so nice to see my work around my apartment and be reminded of amazing memories

As a true Philadelphian, my favorite comfort meal is a classic Philly Cheesesteak

I love to long-distance run but most people think I'm very weird for not listening to music or using a distance app to measure how far I run

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