Jaroslav Ziko, Marketing - Monaco N&J

Jaroslav Ziko

Video Producer

+377 97 77 27 20
+33 626 459230
Monaco Office
Le Panorama, 57 Rue Grimaldi
Bloc A/B 7e étage Monaco
Speaks: Russian, English, Estonian

My present

My name is Jaroslav Ziko, but my friends call me Yarik. I’m a videographer for Northrop & Johnson. I focus mainly on editing, but I also film when required. I’m responsible for producing videos for N&J as well as Yachts For Sale and Yacht Builders YouTube channels. I was the first videographer hired by N&J in 2021, and since then, I’ve loved seeing our projects come to life. I have an incredible team behind me, and between traveling for shoots, meeting new people and constantly creating, I’m thrilled to be part of the NoJo family.

My past

Before I arrived here in Monaco, I grew up in Tallinn, Estonia. I started my career in interior design but quickly realized my real passion was in videography, and graphic and motion design. One of my first jobs was filming in theatre where I created video installations for feature performances. I was also a VJ—and I was really quite successful at it. Then, in 2012, I decided I needed a change. Over the summer, I cycled from my home in Estonia to Monaco, and when I finally arrived, I decided I wanted to stay. I found work at a Monaco TV station and took on several freelance clients—including one, in particular, specializing in yachting. I worked my way up to become the main editor for this company, and that’s what led me to N&J today.

My future

I would love to continue what I’m doing here at N&J, but I would eventually like to be responsible for the full production process, leading my own projects within the team.

I would also love to be part of the production team behind feature-length movies and documentaries. I have edited three short films and one documentary, and am very interested in being more involved in this process from start to finish.

Fast facts

  1. I have my own production company called Ziko Concept. We produce films related to music, fashion and video artworks.
  2. I’m passionate about music. I have my own podcast in Russian where I discuss music as art and the transcendental experiences we can have while consuming it.
  3. I’m attracted to imposing things, and there’s no place more impressive on earth than the Himalayas. I’d love to visit one day!

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