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Embark Beyond

Global luxury experts, dedicated uniquely to you

More than a travel agency, EMBARK Beyond is a luxury travel advisory dedicated to creating thoughtfully designed experiences that go beyond a destination. Whether a relaxing weekend getaway, a three-week safari, front-row seats to your favorite designer’s runway show, a wedding at Versailles, or anything in between, we specialize in arranging all the details and VIP special touches. Chartering a 757 and 20 private planes for a 150-person event in Tanzania? We’ve done it. Re-configuring a floor in a hotel to create the five-bedroom suite our client requested for his family? We’ve done that, too. What can we do for you?

Access to a world few can experience

Embark Beyond opens doors that are ordinarily closed, giving you access to a world few can experience. See and be seen at world events like Art Basel, Monaco Grand Prix, Cannes Film Festival, Milan Fashion Week, Paris Haute Couture, The Masters, The Super Bowl, New York Fashion Week, Wimbledon, The Olympics, The World Cup… and so much more.  Stay out till dawn in some of our favorite party capitals such as Ibiza, Mykonos, St. Tropez or Sardinia. Meet sports celebrities after a game, discover the Vatican when it is closed to the public or even see London’s Changing of the Guards from behind the palace gates. Whatever your idea of jet-setting looks like, let us take you beyond the crowds with exclusive insider travel experiences.

The Embark Beyond team comprises some of the most respected names in the travel industry; the closest friends of Embark Beyond include the world’s top hotel owners, general managers, global sales directors, tour operators, airline leaders, and cruise directors. Because of this, Embark Beyond is able to leverage true relationships with the best-of-the-best to ensure every itinerary (whether two days or five months in length) is carefully crafted and elevated to wow. Embark Beyond’s dedicated team members travel the world on behalf of clients; this boots-on-the-ground approach ensures Embark’s travel experts are able to provide nothing but the absolute best. Embark Beyond does not simply curate trips, its travel experts work from the bottom up to create the world’s most unique and incredible experiences for clients.

“We feel that there is no greater return on investment than an experience that you have always dreamed of. Our events and experiences are different than others; they are not meant to just be frivolous parties or run-of-the-mill vacations, they are really created to orchestrate micro-moments for guests to be able to build bonds that last a lifetime,” says founding partner Jack Ezon.

Embark Beyond is for every traveler

From first-time globetrotters to the well-seasoned traveler

Let Embark Beyond take you around the world for the second or third time and show you things you didn’t get to experience the first time around. Let us help you write your next chapter as you EMBARK on your own journey through life.

Embark Beyond is located at 133 West 19th Street, New York City, New York 10011.

Let us help you write your next chapter

EMBARK Beyond’s network extends across the globe and offers exclusive benefits at more than 1,000 luxury hotels and resorts in the world, in addition to being a privileged member of Virtuoso, recognizing the world’s top brands. The brand wields major influence around the globe, ensuring you will never be just another reservation number.

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