Posted February 15, 2019 in Company by Janine St.Denis

As another year has come and gone; at Northrop & Johnson we’re taking time to reflect on 2018. It has been another exciting and busy year and we invite you to look back on some of our favorite memories.

We would like to begin by taking a look at the numbers. In 2018, we added more than 95 new listings for sale, including the 194-foot (59m) luxury superyacht MAYBE, the 164-foot (49.9m) luxury motor yacht SERENITY and the 163-foot (49.7m) luxury motor yacht DR NO NO  and 20 yachts to our global charter fleet, including the brand-new 236-foot (72m) superyacht SOLO and 203-foot (62m) superyacht LUMIÊRE II. Northrop & Johnson sold a total of 90 yachts in 2018. The 203-foot (62m) superyacht MINE GAMES, 196-foot (59.7m) superyacht PODIUM, 183-foot (55.8m) luxury motor yacht ILLUSION, 177-foot (53.9m) luxury motor yacht STARFIRE and 146-foot (44.5m) luxury motor yacht PARTY GIRL were among the largest sold.

In 2018, Northrop & Johnson opened its flagship European office in Monaco and with it came six new team members in the sales, charter and charter management divisions. Northrop & Johnson also revamped its presence in Asia with new management under Josh Lee of Lee Marine. Five new sales brokers joined the ranks in the Asia office in 2018. Northrop & Johnson’s U.S. home office moved to Lauderdale Marine Center, where it is now ideally located in a shipyard/marina – which also happens to be a Free Trade Zone. The new office is beneficial to clients and yachts alike. Crom Littlejohn joined the Northrop & Johnson team as Commercial Director U.S. and Keith Perfect joined as Director of Technology & Intelligence. In total, the N&J team grew this year by 16 talented new members.

Northrop & Johnson also added a new level of bespoke service to its repertoire with the addition of N&J Private Client Services, a custom insurance company integrated into the N&J family to ensure your passion is protected and you can cruise with confidence anywhere in the world.

Northrop & Johnson also was recognized with a variety of accolades in 2018. Northrop & Johnson’s CEO Kevin Merrigan and New Construction Expert/Sales Broker Joe Foggia will be honored as two of the ISS Design & Leadership Awards judges and Sales Broker Philip Bell was named SeaKeepers Society NextGen SK Finalist.

We were thrilled to welcome back strategic partners Chai Rum, Corcoran, Lauderdale Marine Center and Lufthansa First Class for 2018. Northrop & Johnson welcomed Nicholas Air and Northern Trust as global luxury partners this year.

If you haven’t read our 2018 Fall/Winter Navigator, be sure to read up on the quintessential guide to art, toys and opulent travel.

As we close out 2018, there is much to celebrate and none of it would have been possible without Northrop & Johnson’s exceptional clients, friends, brokers and staff — all treasured members of the Northrop & Johnson family. We wish you the happiest of holidays and a wonderful New Year. See you in 2019!

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