Posted February 15, 2019 in Company by Morgan Crowe

The company was started 21 years ago to provide its Members with exceptional service, reliability and convenience in the private air travel sector. NICHOLAS AIR’s innovative approach to private aviation presents four flexible options for membership – Jet Card, Jet Lease, Jet Share and Aircraft Management.

Serving customers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, NICHOLAS AIR owns and operates its fleet of aircraft with an average age of less than five years. The aircraft are selected for efficiency and versatility; they include the Pilatus PC-12, Phenom 100, Citation CJ3, Phenom 300 and Citation Latitude aircraft. NICHOLAS AIR maintains a stringent policy with regard to its aircraft quality, ensuring Members always have access to the latest safety, technological advancements and cabin comforts. Since inception, NICHOLAS AIR has flown more than 125,000 flights while maintaining a flawless safety record.

Members will be delighted when their jets are ready with as few as 10 hours’ notice, affording them the opportunity to fly on their own schedules. NICHOLAS AIR has access to more than 9,000 airports across the United States alone, allowing for flexibility and ease.

From highly trained pilots to Dedicated Personal Travel Representatives, the NICHOLAS AIR staff are first class.

“We are delighted to partner with NICHOLAS AIR,” says Northrop & Johnson COO Daniel Ziriakus. “This company is founded on the same principles as Northrop & Johnson and is dedicated to providing its clients absolute top-tier service. We look forward to working together to create impeccable experiences for our clients.”

“The partnership with Northrop & Johnson is a perfect fit for NICHOLAS AIR,” says NICHOLAS AIR founder/CEO NJ Correnti, “In Northrop & Johnson, we find ourselves aligning two brands that share a passion for maintaining the highest in quality standards, exceptional customer service, a commitment to flawless execution and an unwavering dedication to safety. Immediately, the synergies between our brands are evident, which not only will benefit our NICHOLAS AIR Members, but also the many clients of N&J as well.”

NICHOLAS AIR will be on hand with Northrop & Johnson at various U.S.-based yachting events and activities this year and into 2019.

For more information on Northrop & Johnson’s partnership with NICHOLAS AIR, please email; for more information on NICHOLAS AIR, please visit


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