Yacht Owners are Obsessed With Penfolds Wine Superyacht Blend

Posted August 26, 2021 in Lifestyle by Morgan Crowe

Penfolds Wines is delighted to share exclusive news of a limited-edition collector’s wine with Navigator readers. Destined to join the Penfolds flagship, Grange – known to be one of the world’s great red wines at the connoisseur end of the wine scale, the 2018 Superblend 802-A launches globally on August 5, 2021. Its stablemate Superblend 802-B launches later this year. Much like building a custom superyacht takes vision, innovation and craftsmanship, these wines combine A-grade fruit with Penfolds’ blending philosophy, the spirit of innovation, and winemaking artistry.

“These wines are immediately Penfolds, yet different… propelling varied attributes that will change and engage. Spoiled by choice – A-grade fruit from a wonderful harvest; French and American oak barrels of the highest quality… and that much-coveted ingredient, time. And, winemaking freedom to reconfigure the expected,” said Penfolds Chief Winemaker, Peter Gago.

These Penfolds Superblends, called 802A and 802B, were carefully selected from coveted vineyards in South Australia that were pinpointed for their flagship wines. Because of their unique characteristics, Gago decided to separate and age them in different oak treatments to create truly powerful, intriguing counterpoints that carry the Penfolds DNA and will only get better with age.

To create Penfolds 2018 Superblend 802-A Cabernet Shiraz, individual components were aged separately in new American oak hogsheads for 22 months prior to being blended together. The resulting cabernet sauvignon makes its structural presence felt, comprising 68% of the blend, while the 32% shiraz adds generosity and a hint of spice. Its sibling Superblend 802-B Cabernet Shiraz boasts a varietal composition that is more evenly split with cabernet sauvignon contributing 55% and Shiraz 45%. Blended post vintage and completing 19 months maturation in French oak hogsheads.

Penfolds Wines, whose story began in 1844 with its founding by Dr. Christopher and Mrs. Mary Penfold’s arrival in Adelaide, South Australia, is known for its highly acclaimed white and red wines and Champagne.

The most famous of these, Grange, is the only Australian wine, and is among only 13 wines in history to receive 100-point scores from Wine Spectator and Wine Advocate for the same vintage, the 2008. Grange is Australia’s only first growth, and Penfolds has received more 90-point scores than any other new world winery. Wine & Spirits Magazine has awarded Penfolds Wines Winery of the Year 28 times, more than any other producer.

A great addition to a yacht’s wine cellar, Penfolds Wines, especially this limited edition, can easily be stored and kept for special occasions on board.


  • Ensure the cellar is dark with humidity between 70 to 75 percent.
  • The wine storage area should be cool, with a constant temperature between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius
  • Bottles should be stored on their sides so that the cork is kept in contact with the wine to prevent  it from drying out, leading to oxidation
  • Avoid keeping wine near the engine room to avoid any unnecessary vibrations affecting the wine

To request an allocation or information, contact Penfolds at 800-255-9966.

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