Top Five Tips for Eco-Friendly Yachting

Posted April 8, 2022 in Charter by Janine St.Denis

The Little Things Go A Long Way

In light of Earth Day and Month and in celebration of the ecosystem that keeps our yachts afloat and our destinations sparkling, we’re listing our top five picks for eco-friendly practices in yachting.

1. Eco-Friendly Builds & Practices

Luxury yacht builders across the globe are making a definite shift towards sustainability in their design concepts and construction. Following the success of hybrid automobiles, solar-powered homes and indoor gardens, builders such as Oceanco, Hessen Yachts and Lürssen are using their inspiration for innovation and working to reduce our carbon footprint as an industry.

  • Energy-efficient catamarans
  • Hybrid and solar-power yachts
  • On-deck gardens

From sailboats with propeller regeneration capabilities to diesel-electric propulsion systems that work with pump jets to allow electronic anchorage, luxury yacht builders are constantly innovating to adapt to the needs of our planet.

2. Reef-Conscious Sunscreen Brands

Woman applying sunscreen to shoulder at beach

Marine-based ecosystems are drastically transforming and dwindling every year due to many elements – especially sunscreen. A marine science study in 2016 showed that coral reefs were susceptible to being polluted by and deteriorating from Oxybenzone, a chemical found in many sunscreen brands and cosmetic products.

Luckily, with scientific advancements on the rise, many brands are now offering “reef-friendly” products to protect you from the sun rays while protecting the coral reefs from harmful chemicals. A simple choice in consumerism could be the start to preserving our natural marine environments. A few of our top picks?

  • Stream 2 Sea
  • Supergoop!
  • Thinksport SPF

Keep yourself, your party and the ocean happy and healthy on your next trip at sea.

3. Science, Education & Research Opportunities

Scuba Diving by Orange Fish

Work with global organizations and lead a discovery journey at sea. It’s not only enjoyable; it’s helping save the planet. Examples of programs include Seakeepers.

Teaming up for this season’s yacht charters, Seakeepers allows you to welcome a taste of science aboard your journey, specifically catered to your own interests in marine environments during diving missions and toy usage.

Several yachts are available with trained captains, crew and specialists aboard luxury yachts. Enjoy your unique tenders and toys while contributing to the research of your ecological environments, including Nekton: Yachts For Science. Nekton is a unique company that pushes ocean conservation efforts through research and exploration.

Whether you own a private vessel or are seeking out a charter, there are many programs available to fulfill your impact and enjoyment on the water.

4. The “Hands-On” Approach


Sustainability and conservation can vary in practice, but make all the difference when pursued. From community outreach to yachting practices, your involvement can do wonders for the marine environments that make buying or chartering a luxury yacht unforgettable.

  • Beach cleanups and plastic reduction
  • Coral restoration foundation
  • Reusable waste and water aboard

Whichever you choose, the little things go a long way. These are great opportunities for bettering the environment and building community — whether amongst office teams, families or friends.

5. Investments

Child planting a tree with help

Helping the environment is not limited to focusing on the present state of our environment. The very foundation for our world’s future rests upon the individual choices we make now; luckily, they’re very doable! Here are a few ways to ensure the enjoyment of our waters in the years to come:

  • Carbon-offset cards
  • Plant a tree
  • Sustainable fishing

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