Charter Brokers Offer Best Advice and Luxury Charter Destinations

Posted March 1, 2015 in Charter by Janine St.Denis

Northrop & Johnson’s exceptionally talented & knowledgeable charter brokers offer their best advice on favorite luxury yacht charter destinations…

“The gorgeous archipelago of the Balearic Islands is my favorite place in the world. These islands and their stunning landscapes offer absolutely everything that the most discerning charterer could possibly dream of. From white sand beaches that stretch for kilometers to cities breathing history to secluded coves surrounded by olive tree-laden cliffs that dramatically plunge into the deepest turquoise waters, the Balearic Islands offer some of the world’s most impressive sights. These Spanish isles also are home to exciting activities, such as exclusive shopping, where one can find the world’s most renowned brands or local markets with the freshest produce and handicrafts, delectable gastronomy, including plenty of Michelin-star-studded restaurants, and a lively nightlife scene that begs the company of the elite from Europe and beyond. The Balearics are a jewel nestled right on Europe’s Mediterranean doorstep; everyone is welcome to share in the treasures.” Natascha Weber Charter Broker, Palma.

“My favorite charter destination is the Exumas, Bahamas. I’ve been lucky to spend a lot of time cruising these islands; of all my travels, the Exumas tops my list. There is something for everyone there, from the world-class casinos and nightlife of Atlantis in Nassau to fun-for-the-family waterparks to Highborne Cay’s premier under-the-sea sights, including bright-colored sea fans and spotted eagle rays, which you’ll see swimming right under the yacht. Adventure lovers will enjoy riding the WaveRunners around Norman’s Cay and sunbathers can lounge on the crescent-shaped beaches, fringed with mangroves. Staniel Cay is the unofficial ‘heart of the Exumas.’ There, the adventure continues as you explore the limestone caves of Rocky Dundas — a personal favorite — cast a line while deep-sea fishing and feed the world-famous swimming pigs. The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park on Warderwick Wells is home to rock formations with natural ‘blowholes’ — which is quite a stunning sight to see. For those with an adventurous spirit, the Exumas is the perfect charter locale.” Jessica Engelmann Charter Broker, Fort Lauderdale.

Lies Sol

Indonesia’s Raja Ampat (West Papua) is the most stunning, unspoiled area I have ever seen. Whatever you fancy, be it hiking, diving or other watersport activities, Raja Ampat won’t disappoint. Visit Mioskon Island, known for enormous schools of fish and spectacular corals. If you’re lucky, you can spot pygmy seahorses and walking sharks. Kri Island offers more spectacular diving. Penemu has a walking trail leading up to a magnificent lookout with a view of the lagoon, rocky islands and limestone domes. Batu Rufus is a good site for snorkeling, diving and paddleboarding. North of Mansuar, snorkel at the manta ray cleaning station and visit the Arborek village where locals are devoted to conservation and protection of the environment. Visit The Passage, where strong currents promise an exhilarating ride. Other highlights of a Raja Amput luxury yacht charter include the famous Tamulol cave with an idyllic saltwater lagoon and a nature walk with a local villager in search of the spectacular, exotic-looking birds of paradise.” Lies Sol Charter Broker, Asia

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