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Fort Lauderdale



From sales, purchase and new construction to charter, charter management and crew placement, Northrop & Johnson’s flagship Fort Lauderdale office is dedicated to fulfilling your yachting needs.


+1 954 522 3344

2015 SW 20th Street Suite 200
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315
United States

Meet the Team

Photo of Daniel Ziriakus

Daniel Ziriakus

President & COO

Photo of Crom Littlejohn

Crom Littlejohn

Chief Commercial Officer

Photo of Maria E. Giovanniello

Maria E. Giovanniello

Director of Finance & HR

Photo of Vanessa Jiron

Vanessa Jiron

Director of Administration

Photo of Ann Avery

Ann Avery

Yacht Broker

Photo of Joe Foggia

Joe Foggia

Yacht Broker & New Construction Expert

Photo of Kristen Klein

Kristen Klein

Yacht Broker

Photo of Philip Bell

Philip Bell

Yacht Broker

Photo of Sean Doyle

Sean Doyle

Yacht Broker

Photo of Wes Sanford

Wes Sanford

Yacht Broker

Photo of Whit Kirtland

Whit Kirtland

Yacht Broker

Photo of John Slate

John Slate

Yacht Broker

Photo of Amy Wachmann

Amy Wachmann

Charter Broker

Photo of Ann Landry

Ann Landry

Senior Charter Broker

Photo of Jessica Engelmann

Jessica Engelmann

Charter Broker

Photo of John Cichanowicz

John Cichanowicz

Charter Broker

Photo of Kevin Damgaard

Kevin Damgaard

Charter Broker

Photo of Patricia Finnegan

Patricia Finnegan

Charter Broker

Photo of Steve Elario

Steve Elario

Yacht Sales & Charter Broker

Photo of Cambry Czuplak

Cambry Czuplak

Charter Broker

Photo of Shawn Z. Laird

Shawn Z. Laird

Charter Management Director

Photo of Adam Fitzmaurice

Adam Fitzmaurice

Senior Charter Manager

Photo of Nicole Pope

Nicole Pope

Charter Manager

Photo of John Gaffney

John Gaffney

President of Private Insurance Services

Photo of Laura Sherrod

Laura Sherrod

Senior VP of Underwriting

Photo of Marcy Williams

Marcy Williams

Director of Crew Services

Photo of Lucie Fox

Lucie Fox

Crew Services Associate

Photo of Christine Hodgson

Christine Hodgson

Crew Services Associate

Photo of Sarah Bester

Sarah Bester

Crew Services Associate

Photo of Daniel J. Wade

Daniel J. Wade

Managing Director / Chief Content Officer

Photo of Alfredo Lopez

Alfredo Lopez

Marketing Director

Photo of Keith Perfect

Keith Perfect

Director of Technology & Intelligence

Photo of Mark Erlewine

Mark Erlewine

Marketing & Technology Project Manager

Photo of Janine Stdenis

Janine Stdenis

Marketing & Communications Manager

Photo of Rebecca Stella

Rebecca Stella

Key Account Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Photo of Miriam Cain

Miriam Cain

Editorial Director

Photo of Juan Denis

Juan Denis

Digital Solutions Developer

Photo of Letty Gonzalez

Letty Gonzalez

CRM Administrator

Photo of Morgan Crowe

Morgan Crowe

Marketing & PR Associate

Photo of Alexandria Horner

Alexandria Horner

Executive Assistant

Photo of Anne-Solene Gallerie

Anne-Solene Gallerie

Charter Management Assistant

Photo of Bianca Robertson

Bianca Robertson

Sales Assistant

Photo of Rosana Williamson

Rosana Williamson

Sales Assistant

Photo of Mary Wickman

Mary Wickman

Senior Charter Retail Assistant

Photo of Susan Phipps

Susan Phipps

Senior Charter Retail Assistant

Photo of Ayo Reeves

Ayo Reeves

Staff Accountant

Photo of Robert Faust

Robert Faust

Staff Accountant

Photo of Tracie Burch

Tracie Burch

Staff Accountant

Photo of Janet Fong-Brians

Janet Fong-Brians

Director of Wow & First Impressions