Ionian Islands

From snorkeling with Cephalonia's endangered turtles to exploring Old Perithia on Corfu to bar hopping in Zakynthos, an Ionian Islands luxury yacht charter offers excitement on every shore
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Sloped hills cascade into the azure waters of the Ionian Islands offering stunning views and idyllic anchorages that beg for a visit during a luxury yacht charter. Comprising the seven islands of Corfu, Paxos, Lefkas, Ithaca, Cephalonia, Zakynthos and Cythera, there is much to see and do as you cruise the Ionian Sea.

Corfu is the northern most of the Ionian Islands and a sensible first stop during an Ionian Islands luxury charter. With its close proximity to Italy, there Venetian influence can be found here. The mountainous north region of the island features stunning pebble beaches and in the south, you will find more granular sand and a quieter atmosphere. Old Perithia is the oldest village on the island, and arguably the most beautiful. Old Town is home to much history and many churches.

Incredibly charming and lush, the island of Ithaca is a perfect stop on an Ionian yacht charter. Part of the allure of this mythical island is steeped its literary fame. In Homer’s Odyssey, Ithaca is the verdant home to protagonist Odysseus. Boasting one of the world’s largest natural harbors, Vathy, there are ample places to anchor out and tender in for an afternoon exploration. 

The largest the sister islands, Cephalonia has incredible geography from mountains to beaches to flower-adorn fields and caves. Don the vessels snorkeling or diving gear to possibly have a glimpse of the endangered loggerhead turtle, known to nest on the beaches of Cephalonia or take a tender to the Mellssani cave. Surrounded by forests, Greek mythology claims it was home to nymphs.

Zakynthos is the third largest in the Ionian chain and seems to straddle the middle in both activities as well as size. The north and west coasts of the island feature steep vertical cliffs while the south and east shores are filled with idyllic coves and wide, sandy expanses, perfect for sun and fun. There also is a party atmosphere on the island and, if you’re so inclined, many a hot haunt open til the sun rises.


  • Wander Old Perithia on Corfu
  • Snorkel with Cephalonia's endangered turtles
  • Bar hop in Zakynthos
  • Anchor out in Vathy's natural harbor and explore via tender
  • Taste olives in the ancient groves of Paxos
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