Master Suite and Balcony

Rent a yacht with a master cabin on the main deck

A boat with a master cabin on the main deck offers multiple benefits. The main deck is the prime area of the yacht, providing enhanced comfort, spectacular volume, and ease of access. Beyond the main deck, charter yachts will also typically feature a VIP suite, double cabin, and twin cabins, sometimes with Pullman beds. But there can be no question that the master cabin on the main deck is the most sought-after.

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LUMIÊRE master

Benefits of a yacht with master cabin

  1. 1Provides a luxury, elevated experience, including enhanced comfort and exclusivity, with features such as walk-in wardrobes, study areas, and a private deck
  2. A master cabin on the main deck provides enhanced accessibility, ideal for those with limited mobility, coupled with the spectacular volume
  3. Enjoy all the features of a luxury yacht charter with friends and family and make memories that will last a lifetime

Northrop & Johnson has access to every luxury yacht charter on the planet, including some of the finest yachts for charter with a master cabin on the main deck. Rent a charter yacht with N&J and enjoy extraordinary experiences at sea.

Famous boats with a master cabin on the main deck

  • 260’ft (80m) ELEMENTS
  • 208’ft (63.5m) LIONESS V
  • 200’1”ft (60.99m) ITOTO
  • 191’ft (58.2m) UNBRIDLED
  • 171’ft (52m) LADY LENA