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Best Wheelchair Accessible Charter Yachts

Designed with the Wheelchair User in Mind

An accessible yacht ensures everyone can enjoy the luxuries that a yacht charter offers, including those with mobility challenges.

An accessible boat is purposefully designed and constructed for mobility devices, including wheelchairs and walkers, without sacrificing style or onboard amenities. The boat will likely include features such as larger and more spacious cabins, wider doorways and passages, elevators, ramps, lifts, and a wheelchair-accessible passerelle or bridge.

Additionally, accessible yacht rentals may boast adjustable beds and enhanced safety features such as grab rails, non-slip flooring, and wheelchair tie-downs to ensure the safety and security of all passengers. The captain and crew will also have enhanced training to ensure everyone, no matter their mobility, can enjoy all the luxuries that a private crewed yacht charter offers.

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Accessible Yacht Charter with N&J

Whether you wish to explore the sun-soaked islands of the Caribbean, enjoy the glamor of the French Rivieria, or explore otherworldly destinations, an accessible yacht ensures every part of the world is accessible to all.

Northrop & Johnson has access to every luxury yacht charter globally, including a selection of the finest luxury accessible superyachts. Our charter vessels boast elegant interiors and luxury amenities to ensure a vacation of a lifetime. Contact our team and let us connect you with your ideal boat. We excel at delivering extraordinary experiences at sea.

Wheelchair-accessible Charter Yachts

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What are the six features of a mobility friendly charter yacht?

  • Accessibility: Look for yachts designed to provide easy access for individuals using wheelchairs or mobility devices. Superyachts may have ramps, lifts, or other features to facilitate access to all areas of the yacht.
  • Cabin layout: Cabins on mobility friendly yachts will be designed to be spacious and accessible. Staterooms will have wider doorways and accessible bathrooms. They may also have adjustable beds and other features to make them more comfortable for individuals with mobility challenges.
  • Safety features: Yachts for charter with wheelchair access will be equipped with safety features such as grab rails, non-slip flooring, and wheelchair tie-downs to ensure the safety and security of all passengers.
  • On-board amenities: These yachts often have on-board amenities such as elevators, accessible dining areas, and entertainment systems that are designed to be accessible to all passengers.
  • Crew training: Crew on accessible superyachts are trained to provide exceptional service to all passengers, including those with mobility challenges. They are knowledgeable about accessibility features and are able to assist passengers as needed.
  • Passageways and passerelles wide enough for a wheelchair to pass and for it to be able to turn on its axis.

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