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Since 1949, Northrop & Johnson has offered a new dimension of sophistication and service to the yachting lifestyle. Northrop & Johnson’s reputation of success is built on decades of commitment to clients and commerce within the industry. From yacht sales and purchase to charter to management and marketing of the world’s most discerning luxury vessels, Northrop & Johnson offers a total-service approach.

Northrop & Johnson is proud to have a strong presence in the Asia-pacific region. Our flagship office is located in Phuket, Thailand, a hub of the yachting industry in the region. Our dedicated brokers and staff are region experts, either born and raised in Southeast Asia or having lived in the region for decades. We are proud to cater to the people of Southeast Asia, offering unrivaled service, unmatched resources, and exceptional quality.




Is a Private Yacht Charter a Safe Option for Travel?

Private yacht charter differs from other holidays. There can be as much or as little interaction with the ‘outside world’, exactly as you want. From spending days relaxing onboard and enjoying water sports in some of the most beautiful and remote locations., you can determine where to go and what to do. You and your guests, and the yacht’s qualified Captain and crew, could be the only ones for miles around. A private luxury charter yacht offers safety and serenity and is the perfect place to de-stress.

Are Charter Yachts a Safe Option?

Luxury charter yachts have very high standards of safety and security, on par or higher than most luxury hotels and resorts. The limited number of staterooms, accommodating a limited number of guests (generally not more than 12), assure Captain and crew can dedicate themselves to taking care of the safety and comfort of the guests. The World Health Organization recently published a guide for managing COVID-19 cases and outbreaks on board ships, and our captains are committed to maintaining every recommendation possible.

Which are the Safest Destinations to Go to?

The safest destinations are probably the ones that are remote and secluded, which few or no other people. Pending the lifting of travel bans and travel restrictions, we can recommend various beautiful locations in out of the way places such as Alaska, and in Southeast Asia South Thailand or else the Anambas Islands, which are perfect for a tropical summer holiday (June – September) without crowds but with the excitement of a Robinson Crusoe experience, an abundance of nature, water sports, swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

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For increased safety and security and to exceed guidelines on social distancing, we can recommend to arrange travel on private planes which assure the world’s most stunning yachting destinations are never out of reach. Read more here

Furthermore, our partners at Private Insurance Services offer iTravel’s LX travel insurance programs to receive the best, most comprehensive coverage, in these uncertain times. Read more here

! Let us stay positive as much as possible and please stay safe

The Southeast Asia region is burgeoning within the yachting industry. Slowly becoming an “It” location for yacht charters, the beautiful waters of Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and beyond beckon to charter guests not only from the Southeast Asia region but also from the United States, Europe and beyond. The uniquely striking cruising grounds, vibrant culture, and exceptional cuisine are just some of the reasons the Asia-pacific region is growing in popularity. Northrop & Johnson has charter experts who are well versed in the destinations best for yachts to visit and can assist clients with planning the ideal Southeast Asia luxury yacht charter. In addition, our knowledgeable charter managers provide five-star service to the yachts in our fleet, ensuring they receive ample market share and top bookings.




Northrop & Johnson’s Southeast Asia offices also provide a full suite of brokerage and new build services. We are able to assist clients in finding their ideal yacht for purchase, selling their current yacht and even in building the luxury yacht of their dreams. Our dedicated yacht brokers are experts in their field and are experts in the Southeast Asia market, ensuring your experience with Northrop & Johnson is nothing short of excellent.

Yachts In THAILAND for Sale

Yacht Brokerage Experts


The professional, trustworthy yacht brokers of Northrop & Johnson Asia-pacific are exceptionally well suited to assist you with finding your perfect yacht. With their fingers on the pulse of the industry, they have access to not only all of the yachts for sale within the region, but also all yachts around the world. They will work tirelessly to help you find exactly what you are looking for in terms of size, price point, style and more. We look forward to helping you find the yacht of your dreams.

Key Location


Perfectly situated in Phuket, Thailand, the Northrop & Johnson Asia-pacific team is able to quickly travel throughout the region in order to meet with clients, visit yachts, attend yachting and other luxury events and provide Southeast Asia with the best possible service. Singapore is a quick hour’s flight from the office allowing our brokers to easily visit clients or clients to easily visit the office. Additionally, the office itself is situated in one of the region’s top marinas, allowing yachts to berth nearby.


Privacy is LUXURY


You value your privacy and so does Northrop & Johnson. Whether you choose to charter or own, a luxury yacht affords you the ultimate privacy, allowing you to enjoy your holidays, vacations and time away in pure seclusion if you so choose. Discretion is an attribute our brokers and staff take very seriously and can promise to all of our clients.

Cultural Expertise


Northrop & Johnson’s Asia-pacific team understands the intricacies of the local culture as its brokers and staff are from the region or have spent decades assimilating. This level of cultural understanding ensures that all of your wants and needs not only will be met, but will be exceeded.