Yacht Management

expert service Provided by SYM

Place your luxury yacht in the right hands with the services of Superyacht Management (SYM). Private ownership is an investment, one that requires intimate knowledge and dedicated action to maximize enjoyment and ensure quality maintenance. SYM provides unparalleled services for private ownership, from customized construction to financial planning to personalized itineraries. Northrop & Johnson is delighted to work with SYM to make your ownership of a luxury yacht nothing short of extraordinary, so that all you must worry about is enjoying your superyacht.


Building Your Dreams

From vision to reality, SYM promises exceptional services for customizing and constructing your own private yacht. Their dedicated teams present a unique opportunity to personalize your yacht design with committed specialists and trade experts at the ready. From elite luxury interior designers to renowned naval architects, SYM professionals intimately understand the industry and provide the finest consultations and counseling throughout your new-build process.

Protecting Your Asset

When purchasing a luxury yacht, it’s vital to understand the potential risks, safety procedures and security protocols to protect your asset, along with those aboard. With SYM specialists at your disposal, cruising smoothly and safely is assured. Through a thorough understanding of International Safety Management Codes, Maritime Labor Convention regulations and additional proceedings, your yacht ownership experience is made simple, successful and undisturbed.

Assuring Your Travel

Dedicated to providing the perfect luxury yacht experience, SYM specializes in thorough itinerary planning and destination research. Their experts have an intimate knowledge of shore-based activities, on-water amenities and luxury travel possibilities around the world, perfectly catered to each client’s needs. With a SYM liaison, there are no bounds to the enjoyment of your yachting experience and the destinations you travel to.

Registration & Regulation

Safety consideration and regulation compliance are vital for luxury yacht travel. Having a department devoted to these concerns keeps your yacht on the water and your enjoyment at a maximum. With SYM consultants, you can register your yacht with ease, thanks to the strong trust built between the the client, the liaison and the country of registration.

Financial Expertise

Like any investment, owning a yacht involves complexity and requires meticulous understanding. SYM provides a professional team dedicated to bespoke budgets, payroll plans and additional financial matters. The department consists of revered accountants and multi-faceted representatives with personal experience in the yachting industry. On a monthly basis, your SYM specialist will send a breakdown of your yachting expenses and maintain quality assurance throughout your ownership. With the Deep Blue real time yacht management software, SYM ensures that your yachting needs are taken care of whenever and wherever applicable.

Maintenance & Repairs

SYM is an active provider of maintenance and repairs in the luxury yachting industry across the world. Thanks to their impressive reach, clients can enjoy access to the best engineers in technology, safety mechanisms and structural support. With an extensive team and endless resources, necessary repairs are dealt with efficiently and thoroughly. As an N&J client, you will receive the utmost quality maintenance and are guaranteed satisfaction with SYM’s services.

Crew Services

It’s undeniable that a captain and crew make or break luxury yacht ownership. Crew is essential for yacht operations, vessel maintenance and on-water hospitality. SYM provides a truly unique crew database with over 6,500 members worldwide from an extensive array of nationalities. SYM crew representatives ensure that your captain and crew are thoroughly processed, analyzed and interviewed for the fulfillment of your luxury travel needs. In addition to finding crew, SYM specialists sustain and support ongoing relationships between crew, captains and owners to ensure that the experience aboard your luxury yacht is nothing short of unforgettable.

Specialist Support

The services of SYM are thorough, refined and simply extraordinary. Their extensive team of consultants is readily available for any needs that may arise, from legal advice and representation to project negotiations. Having reliable assistance that surpasses expectations enables clients to relax and appreciate the most important part of yachting: your enjoyment.

With SYM’s impressive collection of resources, N&J clients can rest assured that their luxury yacht ownership will be as seamless and efficient as possible.