Westport luxury yacht builder prides itself on being “made in America.” All of the brand’s yachts have been designed, engineered and crafted by hand in the U.S. since 1964. Westport's commitment to quality design and engineering has resulted in the completion of over 200 commercial vessels so far. It has emerged as a world leader in yacht building and was among the first to utilize all-composite construction and apply computer-controlled design and manufacturing methods. Westport is unmatched in tooling, patterns and finished parts precision.

Westport new construction projects are built exclusively with lighter weight fiberglass composite construction, which makes for faster and more fuel-efficient yachts. This structure also isolates and absorbs sound, offers first-rate thermal insulation properties and doesn’t corrode meaning less maintenance is required. Westport has three shipyards that turn out elegant, advanced technology vessels; these include Westport Shipyard, Port Angeles Shipyard and Hoquiam Shipyard — all shipyards located in Washington. The company's sales office is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The Westport series of yachts ranges in size from 34 to 50 meters. The 50-meter WESTPORT 164 TRI-DECK MOTORYACHT is the brand's flagship; designed by naval architect William Garden and styled by Donald Starkey, it takes luxury cruising to a new level. The WESTPORT 112 is a golden symbol of motor yacht design. This eloquent 34-meter luxury vessel with advanced hull design, classic dining area, roomy staterooms and clean design.

Westport is a true leader in high-quality design and advanced technical methods, continuing to bring pride to the made-in-America label.