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Nicole van de Wall

Sales Broker

+66 76 681 015
+66 98276 0516
Thailand Office
Ao Po Grand Marina
199/111 Moo 6
Speaks: English

My Present
Greetings! I’m Nicole van de Wall, Yacht Broker for Asia at Northrop & Johnson. My primary responsibility revolves around the listing and sales of both brokerage and new boats within the dynamic Asian market. I take great pleasure in acquainting myself with various yachts and their owners, ensuring that I match clients with vessels perfectly suited to their needs. Providing unparalleled experiences on the water is a top priority for me. Working in Asia is a unique experience as clients here highly value personal interactions while maintaining discretion about yacht ownership.

My Past
I grew up in The Netherlands, where my passion for sailing began at an early age with dinghies, eventually leading me to serve as crew on traditional sailing ships. My journey into yacht sales began in 2000, evolving over the years to encompass larger vessels. After spending close to a decade in South Africa due to my husband's job, we relocated to Thailand. Growing up in The Netherlands instilled in me a deep-seated affinity for the sea and sailing. Joining Northrop & Johnson was a natural progression for me, as I sought greater local support and opportunities for professional growth.

My Future
Looking ahead, I would love to facilitate collaborations between clients and renowned Dutch boat builders. While my journey with Northrop & Johnson has just begun, my immediate focus remains on nurturing enduring relationships within my professional network and delivering exceptional service to my clients.

My Motto
Elon Musk once said, "People should pursue what they're passionate about. That will make them happier than pretty much anything else." I totally agree with that.

My Outside-office Life
Beyond yachting, I am actively involved in the local community theater scene with Theatrix. Our annual Christmas Panto shows, aimed at raising funds for charitable causes, bring me immense fulfillment. Additionally, we are gearing up to launch children's theater initiatives next year, further enriching our community through the arts. These pursuits provide me with a welcome opportunity to unwind and engage in creative expression outside of work.

Fast Facts 
The most awesome boat I’ve sold: Selling a Princess R35 to a client from China. It was only the fifth one ever made, and it’s a really special, fast boat

Things I miss from The Netherlands: Licorice and herring. Even though you can get it worldwide, it just doesn’t taste the same

Bucket list destination: Bhutan is at the top of my travel list. I was all set to go, and then Covid happened. I’m still looking forward to visiting someday

Best sailing place I want to go back to: I once was out sailing in the Outer Hebrides for a holiday, and found out about the Classic Malts Cruise. This is still a sailing area I would love to return to, but then this time during the Classic Malts Cruise

Most favorite Thai holiday: I love Loy Krathong, the festival for the Goddess of the moon. Taking bad luck away for a year, setting your Krathong afloat, it’s a fantastic family evening

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