Letty Gonzalez, Marketing - Fort Lauderdale N&J

Letty Gonzalez

CRM Administrator

+1 954 522 3344
+1 386 479 8483
Fort Lauderdale Office
2015 SW 20th Street Suite 200
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315
Speaks: English, Spanish

Northrop & Johnson Contact Relationship Manager Letty Gonzalez has a strong background in sales and marketing. She has an animated personality and an up-beat, anything-is-achievable attitude. Letty is extremely passionate about CMR systems and believes excellence is achievable for companies that foster the CRM. She is a firm believer in an old-fashioned, personal style of business cultivated through the use of technology. 

Letty began her career with Federal Express working her way up from customer service representative to ground operations manager utilizing the brand’s people-service-profit philosophy. During this time, she continued to evolve her customer relations skills. Since 1997 Letty has retained her Florida realtor having been active in the both residential and commercial markets. During the peak of her real estate career, she managed a real estate brokerage and new construction office, where she increased incoming traffic by utilizing progressive customer-oriented marketing techniques. In 2011 Letty joined Ferretti Group of America as the lead management coordinator where she oversaw the CRM (customer relationship management) system and supported the sales and marketing team, which included the complete organization and implementation of all boat show registration.

She then joined Sanlorenzo, developing a CRM system for the brand and creating a successful boat show registration system. Now with Northrop & Johnson, Letty is responsible for the front-end administration and user-level support for Northrop & Johnson’s CRM. She also has revolutionized the boat show check-in system, ensuring excellent lead collection and broker follow up. Letty feels she has finally found the right fit to take her passion for CRM to the ultimate level with a strong team beside her. Her exceptional organizational skills and knowledge of effective CRM systems allow her to excel in her role.

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