Chloé Braithwaite, Marketing - Monaco N&J

Chloé Braithwaite

Copywriter & Marketing Generalist

+377 97 77 27 20
+33 7 56 42 09 41
Monaco Office
Le Panorama, 57 Rue Grimaldi
Bloc A/B 7e étage
Speaks: English, French

My Present

My name is Chloé Braithwaite. I am N&J’s Copywriter & Marketing Generalist based in Monaco. My role is to produce incredible N&J content, coordinate our Europe-based events and help localize our global marketing strategy.

My Past

People are often surprised when I tell them I studied neuroscience and psychology at university in Sydney, Australia. The brain is the most complex thing we know of in existence, and the way it has evolved fascinates me. But it turns out I'm not made to be locked away in a lab!

I transitioned into digital marketing upon graduation with my first full-time position as the Marketing Coordinator for my university's science faculty. But when the opportunity to move to Paris presented itself, I couldn't say no. There, I was the Deputy Content Manager in charge of two L’Oréal-owned brands, allowing me to marry what had become my two loves: content strategy and consumer behavior. In 2019, I moved to the French Riviera, where I freelanced full-time as journalist specializing in food and travel content. Shortly after, Camper & Nicholsons International brought me onboard to join their Monaco office as Content & Communications Manager. That's how I got hooked on yachting and what led me to N&J today.

My Future

In the future, I’d like to lead a content team that builds communications strategies, uncovers cool stories, and analyzes and reports on industry insights to support broader business goals.

Fast Facts

  • I come from a very multicultural family: my father is Chinese-Malaysian, my mother is Australian and my stepfather is Sicilian.
  • In my spare time, I practice aikido and love photography.
  • I still pitch stories from time to time. You can spot my writing in National Geographic, TIDE Magazine, Epicurious and CEO Magazine.

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