Shawn Z. Laird, Charter Marketing - Fort Lauderdale N&J

Shawn Z. Laird

Senior Charter Marketing Manager

+1 954 522 3344
+1 954 554 9538
Fort Lauderdale Office
2015 SW 20th Street Suite 200
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315
Speaks: English

My Present 
Hi, y’all, I’m Shawn Z. Laird; I’m a Senior Charter Marketing Manager at Northrop & Johnson. I’m a passionate, powerhouse charter manager dedicated to exceeding expectations with my hard work, unique experience and above-and-beyond insights. I am obsessed with maintaining client satisfaction and relentless in my pursuit of making the best business available to my client partnerships.

My Past
During my developmental years, I was fortunate enough to experience life two-fold. I grew up in the Caribbean and my desire to return has never ceased. I also had the unique influence of embracing my Southern roots, sharing my other years in South Carolina. There, I met a couple at a restaurant in Charleston who had recently chartered a yacht and told me I would be a perfect stewardess for the charter experience. Four months later, I was on a plane to the Caribbean and began working exactly as that. I spent five years traveling the world, living a charmed life as a stewardess and working my way up to chief stewardess before deciding to transition into land-based work. Having met a lot of good people over my time as a stewardess, I knew Fort Lauderdale was the place to go. Soon after getting my first land-based job in the industry as a receptionist for one of the most well-respected firms of the time, I was recruited for a charter management job in 2001.

My Future
My ability to adapt, innovate and learn in this “new world” we live in will be a key factor in my future planning. Obviously, staying happy & healthy is paramount. As long as I’m in the sun, pursuing client satisfaction, I know it won’t be a problem.

My Motto
“Don’t ever be like the rest of them, Darling….”

My Outside-office Life
I love anything & everything to do with the beach & sun. When time allows, being with my family back home in South Carolina is also very sacred to me. “Must love Cats” – I adore my two cats, Zara & Scooter. I am obsessed with my spin bike – can’t stay off of it!

Fast Facts 

  • I’m an absolute straight shooter, 100% honest & transparent, and I think that is why people gravitate to my business & personal style. I tell it like it is. I tell it as I see it. I tell it as I live it
  • I attended the University of South Carolina with a major in Criminal Justice and I am a die-hard Carolina Gamecock fan
  • After graduating from USC, I wanted to be an FBI Agent and specialize in Behavioral Science – “think Silence of the Lambs”
  • I am married to my career; it’s a labor of love. I’ve been in the industry for over two decades and I’m consistently star-struck with all it offers in terms of destinations, innovativeness of the yachts and glamor. I love all the great clients I get to work with. I pinch myself every day; really, I do. I am a student of the game, a player with more heart than ego and I revel in the daily grind of this business

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