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Space Perspective

Travel to space, be transformed.

Space Perspective offers the world’s only carbon-neutral human space flight experience. Comprised of a pressurized capsule, called Spaceship Neptune, eight Explorers and a pilot take a safe, sustainable and gentle flight to space propelled at 12 mph by a massive SpaceBalloon™. During the six-hour journey Explorers will enjoy the comforts of our on-board luxury Space Lounge which features a bar, a restroom and wi-fi.  Our recent acquisition of the world’s first marine spaceport for human spaceflight, named MS (Marine Spaceport) voyager, and the planned global fleet of marine spaceports to follow, allows us to offer the transformative power of seeing our vulnerable earth from space to people from across the globe.


Our company is driven by a desire to share the transformative power of space travel with as many people as possible, safely and sustainably. After seeing our planet from the blackness of space, astronauts gain a new understanding of the world and our place within it. Some call this transformation the Overview Effect. We call it the Space Perspective.

Space Perspective | N&J Strategic Partnerships


Founded by human spaceflight veterans Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum, Space Perspective boasts an elite team that has been instrumental in the development of every US human spacecraft for the past 40 years, including every human space balloon flight. Poynter and MacCallum were crew members on Biosphere 2- a hermetically sealed, self-sustaining environment built to learn about the ecosystem of our planet and replicate it outside of Earth. They also founded Paragon Space Development Corporation that today has technologies on almost every human spacecraft in operation in the U.S.


Florida’s Space Coast is already world-famous for pioneering space exploration. Building on that legacy, we are making the transformative journey to space more accessible than ever before and with it out-of-this-world job opportunities and local economic opportunity. Mission Control and our manufacturing facilities are found on the Space Coast- strategically positioned near Kennedy Space Center and the Space Coast Spaceport. With more than 1,000 tickets sold and test flights continuing in 2023, we begin commercial flights in 2024.

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