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Airbus Corporate Jets

Your world above the world

A unique flying experience

Airbus is the only aerospace manufacturer offering both fixed and rotary wing business aviation aircraft. Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) creates the world’s most rewarding flying experiences with customers by providing them with unique expertise, the finest service, best technology and highest standards of care in corporate aviation.

All Airbus corporate jets come from the most modern aircraft family on the market, derived from Airbus’ successful market-leading jetliners. ACJ brings the tallest and widest cabins of any business jets, providing customers with unrivaled space and infinite layout possibilities to create homes in the sky.

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Inside Airbus Corporate Jets | N&J Strategic Partnerships

Tailored to your needs

From conception to delivery, ACJ cabins are meticulously crafted. ACJ has partnered with the most prestigious design houses and creative minds in the world to design and manufacture the most luxurious & comfortable interiors in the industry. The ambition was to create a place where the users can experience space like no other jet, curated ambiance and quality materials they can relate to. Whichever ACJ you choose, that feeling of ultimate comfort and wellbeing for you, your families and business partners is paramount and constantly present.

Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) | N&J Strategic Partnerships

Unrivaled customer experience

ACJ understands how important freedom and flexibility is for its special customers. Which is why when you choose ACJ, you choose flying anywhere you desire non-stop, comfortably and surrounded by the pioneering technology that complements everything you love to do.

Whether it is fine dining, pampering, movie night, working from the sky to make strategic business decisions or simply relaxing with your loved ones and cherished guests, ACJ has curated the space and technology to enable you to do so, uncompromisingly.

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