Oceanco Project H Video World Premier

Posted July 21, 2023 in Company by Janine St.Denis

The hotly anticipated Yachts for Sale YouTube video of Oceanco’s 345’ (105m) Project H is now available for the viewing pleasure of thousands of subscribers, yachting enthusiasts and all other interested parties. Heralded as one of the most unique videos ever produced for YouTube because of its impressive subject matter, Project H, and the stellar quality of the video’s cinematography and editing, the video is expected to break viewing records for the channel. The visionary man behind the Yachts for Sale YouTube channel, David Seal, welcomes viewers aboard this extraordinary megayacht for a world-class tour and first-hand expert analysis.

Project H herself is the star of the show as she is a groundbreaking superyacht that promises to redefine luxury cruising while championing environmental sustainability. She represents a paradigm shift in the superyacht industry. While Oceanco has long been at the forefront of innovation, with this ambitious project, the builder surpassed expectations, pushing the boundaries of sustainable yacht design.

Project H herself represents the largest scale “upcycling” the yachting world has ever seen. Originally launched as a 95-meter superyacht with a 25-knot top speed, 10 meters of length were added to the yacht, increasing her to an LOA of 105m. She was redesigned, transforming her into a yacht that perfectly aligns with the modern age — both efficient and visually captivating. The meticulous process involved a comprehensive reassessment of the entire engineering package. The exterior and interior underwent complete overhauls and redesigns.

The superyacht’s eco-friendly ethos extends to her onboard amenities. Project H features a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment system, and an advanced filtration system that ensures a tremendous reduction in her carbon emissions, ensuring she is Tier III compliant, in addition to other “green” features.

Beyond her eco-consciousness, Project H spares no expense in delivering the epitome of luxury and comfort. Crafted by world-renowned designers, the interior showcases elegance, sophistication, and seamless integration of cutting-edge technology, including state-of-the-art TV walls. Spacious staterooms, a wellness center, a cinema, and a range of water toys provide guests with the ultimate experience in relaxation and entertainment.

As the yachting industry embraces sustainability, Oceanco’s Project H has already caught the attention of environmentally-conscious ultra-high-net-worth individuals looking for a luxurious yet responsible way to explore the world’s oceans. And now listed for sale, Project H is sure to be one of the most sought-after yachts available on the market.

In addition to the incredible subject matter, the Project H video itself truly is a marvel. The team behind the lens of this impeccable video are experts at their craft. They utilize state-of-the-art video shooting and editing techniques to create a masterpiece that showcases the yacht in her absolute best light, literally and figuratively, and keeps viewers entertained and informed. This world-class team of videographers and editors was hand-selected by the Oceanco team for the monumental task of creating a video to capture the essence, excellence and eco-friendly nature of Project H, and for good reason. These industry-leading professionals created a video that breaks the rules of traditional yachting videos and pushes the boundaries of shooting and editing to create a truly unique piece of cinematography that captures Project H in the most exceptional style. Led by David Seal, this video team is truly at the forefront of yachting cinematography and is proud of their extraordinary work with Oceanco for the Project H video.

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