Northrop & Johnson Expands Asia-Pacific Presence

Posted April 17, 2024 in Company by Ashleigh King

Northrop & Johnson is proud to announce the exciting expansion of its Asia-Pacific presence to meet the rising demand for yachting services in the region.

N&J Asia-Pacific (APAC), under the leadership of CEO Joshua Lee from its regional headquarters in Phuket, Thailand, has unveiled new offices in Hong Kong and Taiwan, solidifying its commitment to serving clients across the APAC sector.

Joining the brokerage team are Yacht Brokers Nicole van der Wall in Phuket, Jeffrey Chan and Michael Bognier in Hong Kong, and Simon Chung in Taiwan. Their expertise and local insights will enhance N&J’s ability to cater to the diverse needs of yacht owners.

“We have recently welcomed four talented brokers to our team in the Asian region, where we foresee long-term sustained growth,” comments Joshua Lee. “Their addition strengthens our capabilities and allows us to provide comprehensive services to our clients.”

In addition to the brokerage team expansion, N&J is pleased to announce the appointment of Kay Monney to bolster the charter team in Phuket. With extensive experience and local knowledge in the charter market, Kay Monney’s presence will further enhance N&J’s charter offerings.

“We believe that these strategic additions to our sales and charter departments will not only broaden our coverage for yacht owners and charterers but also expand our footprint in this crucial market,” adds Joshua Lee.

The demand for yacht sales and charter in the APAC territory is steadily increasing, and N&J is well-positioned to take advantage of this growth as one of the few global full-service yacht brokerages in the region. With its extensive network and industry expertise, Northrop & Johnson aims to provide unparalleled service to clients seeking luxury yachting experiences in Asia.

Northrop & Johnson will be in attendance at the 2024 Singapore Yachting Festival, held from April 25 to 28. The N&J APAC sector is looking forward to showcasing its suite of brokerage and charter services that cater to the expanding needs of the Singapore and wider Asian market.

For more information on Northrop & Johnson’s Asia-Pacific expansion, contact N&J’s press team.

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