Hottest Jewelry Inspired by Nature - Fall 2021

Posted August 20, 2021 in Watches & Jewelry by Doug Gollan

Inspired by Nature, these stunning pieces of jewelry from renowned jewelry designers will be the envy of all your friends.


Assael’s South Sea White Pearls are among the most sought-after cultured pearls in the world, known for their impressive size and sophisticated aura. Thick layers of nacre — the organic crystalline substance that makes up the pearl — pave the way for a deep and luminous luster, resulting in a subtle glow on the South Sea White’s surface.


24kt gold bracelet with mixed sizes of watermelon tourmaline slices and rose cut pink tourmalines by Gurhan

Inspired by the flowers that bloom along Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, designer Gurhan offers this one-of-a-kind 24kt gold bracelet with mixed sizes of amorphous watermelon tourmaline slices and rose cut pink tourmalines as an homage to his native land.

Pearl drop earrings with gold floral motifs flashing with white round diamonds by Mastoloni

A coquettish twist on the classic appeal of flowers as adornment, Mastoloni’s limited-edition floral lace drop earrings dangle coyly. Swirls of 18kt yellow gold form floral motifs, flashing with brilliant white round diamonds on the anchor stud and gold lace cap, and capture the bold beauty of white South Sea pearl drops.



For over 50 years, Picchiotti has been crafting exquisite jewelry from its workshop in Valenza, Italy. This floral brooch – featuring round diamonds and pear-shaped pink sapphires – will make you feel like you are in the garden of your dreams, wherever you might be. Life as a bird can be beautiful, particularly with this fauna emerald peacock featuring 19.69ct emeralds, 8.94ct white diamonds, 1.03ct fancy yellow diamonds and hematite from Picchiotti.

Large tanzanite gem surrounded by diamonds on a gold chain by Lisa Nik

Designed by Lisa Nik, the tanzanite color is a strong bluish purple that represents transformation. As it is brownish when formed in nature, and found only in Tanzania, this unusual gemstone turns into its color after being heated and faceted for jewelry. The deeper blue tones represent the finest material, and it is the most striking jewel to couple with resort wear near ocean waters in natural sunlight.

Silverly blue pearl and diamond earrings with briolettes hanging on platinum branches designed by Assael

Nature is beautiful in all seasons, particularly as seen in Assael’sWinter Branches” pearl and diamond earrings. Second in its Four Seasons series, the silvery blue South Sea and Akoya pearls and sparkling diamond briolettes dance on articulated platinum branches.

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