The Latest and Greatest Luxury Water Toys and Tenders

Posted March 1, 2018 in Lifestyle by Janine St.Denis

Almost as important as the yacht itself are the onboard amenities, which help create the perfect holiday for all aboard. A fully stocked toy chest with all of the latest & greatest tenders & toys will open the door to even more fun & excitement.

Spin Cycle

Schiller Water Bike

For cyclists who also love the feel of the sea breeze, there’s nothing quite like the Schiller water bike. A premium-grade bicycle is married to a portable catamaran body to create this innovative superyacht toy that will allow you to bike across the blue planet. The bike has a small footprint for storage in the tender garage and can be assembled in less than ten minutes. But it’s not merely a yacht toy — this is a high-end bike built out of marine-grade alloys and stainless steel that has proprietary propulsion, a high-gloss carbon fiber outdrive, integrated handlebar steering and rugged high-pressure, drop-stitch pontoons that allow for easy transport, assembly and breakdown. Cruise along at speeds from five to up to ten miles per hour, depending on the rider’s motivation. The whole family can safely go for a spin as Schiller boasts that there is no need for any training. Watertight compartments keep snacks or drinks dry.

Rhapsody in Teak

Speed and style blend harmoniously in this open-cockpit tender from Dutch builder Rapsody Yachts. The 32-foot tender has the elegant lines of a gentleman’s runabout with a smooth hull. Yet her graceful exterior completely belies the powerful punch she packs with a turbo diesel engine, which is hidden beneath the handmade teak deck. Powered by a Volvo Penta D6 330hp, she can reach top speeds of 35 knots. The R32’s hull and superstructure are constructed of sandwiched GRP while the windshield and cockpit interior are in lush mahogany. Details include high-quality chrome and stainless steel, which complement the beautiful woods. The R32’s artful blend of classic glamour and fast-paced speed make it a pleasure to drive into any harbor around the world.

Sleek Scooting

The Scrooser is an electric scooter that stands out from the pack with its 500-watt battery able to take you 34 miles on only one charge. The heart of the Scrooser is the zero-emissions electric motor. Push off the ground to activate the impulse drive, then customize your motorization to zip along at 12.5mph or 15.5mph. Four different drives provide a variety of performance options. The electric battery is recharged in about two-and-half hours. The Scrooser’s fat tires are sturdy and solid, and this scooter is street legal, so with the proper certification, driving mirror and LED lights, you can cruise along the coastline feeling safe as can be. Scrooser invites you to put your own stamp on the design with options for custom seat designs, rims and color matching handlebars.

Breathe Deep

Scuba diving has gone space age. The Poseidon SE7EN Rebreather isn’t your typical diving apparatus, but a piece of innovative tech developed by NASA engineer Dr. Bill Stone. The design takes the same principles of the breathing devices that astronauts use in space and applies them to a device for breathing underwater. The next-generation Poseidon SE7EN Rebreather works by measuring and then controlling the amount of oxygen as the depth changes during the dive, and the exhaled air is purified of CO2 and refreshed with oxygen to be recirculated. The affect is a long-lasting airflow, allowing divers to stay underwater for up to three hours — far outpacing a typical dive outing. It’s designed to be easy to use by divers of all abilities, allowing them to explore the deep blue without making any compromises. In-built tech includes Bluetooth connectivity, so you can easily download your dive logs or manage and configure your dive plans, and it’s Mac compatible.

The Submarine Car

Project Neptune

This is one to add to your toy box wish list! There have been plenty of car and yacht collaborations, but what about an automotive/submarine coalition to create something truly spectacular? Meet Project Neptune, a collab behind famed British car manufacturer Aston Martin and Triton Submarines. The project is based on Triton’s low-profile (LP) three-person sub, which is designed to be carried on smaller superyachts where having a sub wouldn’t be the norm as footprint and low profile takes up much less space in the tender garage. Triton’s submersible know-how is blended with Aston Martin’s acclaimed craftsmanship, design and materials to create what must be one of the prettiest subs on the market. While some have joked that it will be “the slowest Aston Martin ever,” it will be one of the fastest Triton subs to date. For the car connoisseur who likes to go deep, this is the ultimate toy.

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