Have Fun above and below the Waterline with Tech-Forward Toys

Posted August 24, 2022 in Lifestyle by Miriam Cain

From skimming across the water to exploring new depths, Northrop & Johnson’s curated toy collection ensures endless fun above and below the waterline.


Fly over water with Lift Foils

For those who like to surf but find themselves in calm waters better suited to superyachts,
the new Lift3 F is a fun piece of kit for surf enthusiasts of any level. Riding high above the chop, the electric hydrofoil surfboard glides through any depth body

of water at speeds of up to 30mph. Created in a proprietary fiberglass blend, the Lift3 F features an ergonomic shape for superb aerodynamics. liftfoils.com


Stylish Seabob

Packing a punch, the high-performance Seabob F5 SR is the most powerful Seabob available. The emissions-free E-Jet Power System allows riders to skim the surface and dive underwater at speeds of up to 14mph. The latest model has seven gears to choose from, two integrated cameras and a sporty fin to increase maneuverability under the water. What’s more, with Seabob’s new Black Line Design Edition, your preferred Seabob model can be styled in one of three high-gloss colorways – blue, orange or green.



Dive deep with BLU3

Enjoy diving on your own terms with BLU3’s tankless diving system. If you love the underwater world, then BLU3’s Nemo allows for dives of up to 10 feet for 60 – 90 minutes with its patented Smart Reg system, while the Nomad delivers compressed air from the surface through a hose, allowing you

to breathe underwater to a maximum depth of 30 feet – all without having to carry around cumbersome equipment. diveblu3.com


Capture the moment with FIFISH

Whether you are heading to the Caribbean or out on a research expedition, FIFISH’s submarine drone is the gadget you need. With six thrusters for 360-degree movement, a 4K camera and five hours of battery life, it will capture all the action going on beneath your yacht and down to depths of 328 feet.



Riding waves with YuJet

Want to look like a pro surfer without having to paddle out to catch a wave? Fast, agile and lightweight, the YuJet Surfer is nimble enough to surf big waves and stable enough to master on the first ride. Ride the waves at speeds of up to 24mph on the fully electric, carbon fiber, jet-powered electric surfboard.


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