Posted January 15, 2016 in Aviation by Janine St.Denis

The Ehang 184 AAV has a fail-safe design, including a power system override that will land the vehicle immediately in the case of any abnormalities. Designed to ensure the complete protection of passengers, this AAV features eight propellers and four arms, which also allow for exceptional lifting power. Even in the instance of a prop malfunction, the AAV will still accomplish a safe landing.

The Ehang 184 AAV features encrypted communication systems and each AAV has an independent key for extra security. The Ehang 184 AAV takes off and lands vertically and offers point-to-point flight based on altitude, latitude and origin and termination of the flight. The advanced system is easy to learn and offers a one-click takeoff and landing feature. An additional safety measure includes constant online contact with the low-altitude command center. While the AAV is “thunderstorm proof,” during extreme weather, the command center will prohibit takeoff.

Fully electric powered, the Ehang 184 AAV was designed to be a green flying machine. Its eco-friendliness along with its flight abilities and safety ensure it will have you flying into the future.

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