Posted October 17, 2014 in Aviation by Janine St.Denis

Elegance is meant to be simple, natural and stylish. When designing an elegant home, office or a yacht, that natural simplicity should allow those utilizing the space to experience it to the fullest without visual disruptions by environmental or functional control devices. While technology enables the experience of elegance, it is transparency that enhances it.

Embraer’s Legacy 500, the newest business jet to hit the market, is a prime example of this understated elegance. The first new-generation midsize jet with digital flight controls and fly-by-wire technology takes pilot input from sidesticks and combines it with environmental data to set the aircraft on the optimal flight path at Mach .80 speed while continuously making precise and efficient adjustments. Meanwhile, passengers are able to sit back, relax and enjoy the smoothest flight possible.

The elegance of the Legacy 500, personalized with individual tastes including exquisite wood and stone veneers, leather and textures and trim, is enhanced not only by an ultra-smooth flight but also by the apparent absence of technology. The design is uninterrupted by control devices that attempt to aesthetically mimic a style. When fine-tuning the flight experience for climate, lighting or entertainment, technology on the Legacy 500 is just under the surface or even closer — at your fingertips because yes, there is an app for that. With the seamless integration of personal media and game consoles into the HD inflight entertainment system, an iPad or a tablet will allow full control without a conspicuous control panel. The experience of flying in a Legacy 500 is further enhanced by the amenities of the wet galley and private aft lavatory with another window, a vanity and a full-height wardrobe — not to mention the largest baggage compartment in the segment.

While flying, comfort is essential – and comfort begins with space. Freedom of movement is a priority inside the Legacy 500. Designed to carry eight to 12 passengers, this aircraft has the only flat-floor, stand-up cabin in its class. The seat design reflects the owner’s style and the technology beneath delivers the fully understated elegant experience. Each seat not only swivels and fully reclines, but it also pairs with another seat to form a flat bed. An onboard three-person divan also converts into a full-size bed. Thanks to thermal-acoustic technology, the exceptionally silent cabin and low-altitude pressurization concentration, which keeps passengers at no higher than a 6,000-foot mountaintop, relaxation is inevitable

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