NetJets 25-Hour Lease: Immediate Access to the World's Finest Fleet

Posted March 8, 2023 in Aviation by Ashleigh King


The highly advantageous NetJets 25-hour Lease has been further enhanced to give you immediate access to the world’s finest fleet with 355 travel days annually (increased from 320). For a limited time, receive a $5,000 credit per contract year with the purchase of the popular NetJets 25-Hour Lease. This special offer is available only to friends of Northrop & Johnson. Offering new customers and existing Owners the security of a guaranteed multiyear solution, the 25-hour lease allows you to roll over unused flight hours from one year to the next.


To discuss your unique travel needs, contact Ben Spurlock, Sales Executive, at 614.371.5401 or or learn more about the worldwide leader in private aviation by visiting


With a fleet of more than 900 aircraft, plus more than 100 coming throughout the year, NetJets ensures that its Owners and their guests can truly access every corner of the globe. Each day, NetJets completes 1,200+ flights worldwide. (That’s equal to nearly one aircraft landing every minute.) Only NetJets can orchestrate this level of flight volume and still make you feel as if your flight is their only one. And you will get there in absolute comfort and luxury because NetJets believes getting there should be just as enjoyable as the destination.

5,000+ airports across 200+ countries and territories 


For the world’s most discerning travelers, NetJets is focused on safety and committed to providing personalized, seamless service. NetJets continually strives to be the best because NetJets Owners are the best at what they do, whether they are titans of industry, professional athletes, philanthropists, performers, or entrepreneurs. The strong relationships NetJets builds with their Owners inspire generational ownership within families and businesses. NetJets is proud to be a true legacy brand and honored to have earned this level of loyalty. 


Owners celebrating 10, 20, or 30 years with NetJets in 2021–23 


Perhaps this is one reason they currently have a retention rate of over 95% and prospective Owners willing to wait many months to be part of NetJets. Owners recognize that NetJets’ proven business model is not only ownership worth waiting for but also a smart long-term investment—one they will enjoy the unmatched benefits of for many, many years to come.

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