Jet Set: Introducing the New Mid-Size Jet – Cessna® Citation Ascend™

Posted July 18, 2023 in Aviation by Ashleigh King

Experience luxury and efficiency aboard the brand-new Citation Ascend™. The newest mid-size jet from Textron Aviation, the Citation Ascend™ has been designed with efficient engines for a greater range and reduced emissions allowing for fewer stops. Travel direct from Houston, Montreal, or Mexico City to the Bahamas. Fly to Nice, France from anywhere in mainland Europe or Iceland, all while enjoying the jet’s brilliantly designed cabin features. Ensuring a relaxing experience, the quiet cabin technology uses sound-dampening materials to absorb frequencies, creating a quieter cabin. Added to this, passengers can control the audio ambiance with an immersive experience thanks to the optional addition of the Bongiovi sound system embedded into the walls of the cabin. Large windows provide natural light and a commanding ramp presence at takeoff and arrival. Primary passenger seating features customization with options for footrests and personalized quilting patterns. Optional lumbar support and cushion firmness in soft, medium, or hard grants a truly personal design. Luxury touches of optional stone countertops and flooring further elevate the cabin experience. In-flight accessible storage locations allow for space to hang coats aft of the cabin, while generous external baggage storage allows for up to 700 pounds of cargo.

Textron Ascend interior shot of the seats, white leather and grey interior

Each main cabin seat comes with deep cupholders, wireless smartphone charging pockets, and single-handed soft open and close executive tables. The flat floor design provides generous leg room for increased maneuverability and optimal comfort from any seat. With the Clairity Cabin Management System, passengers can control the temperature, audio, entertainment, and monitor trip progress from the touchscreen or from the convenience of their seat with a personal device. The comfort and style of the brand new Citation Ascend™ jet is the perfect way to start and end your next voyage, making the journey as luxurious and fun as the vacation itself.

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