Falcon 6X: The Ultimate Flight Experience. Expanded.

Posted October 30, 2023 in Aviation by Ashleigh King

With the introduction of the Falcon 6X, Dassault has set the bar higher and wider than ever. Not only does the 6X redefine business jet travel, but it defines a whole new category — the extra widebody jet —with the tallest and widest cabin in business aviation. It’s the ultimate in flexible, comfortable, working and living space.

Fly Los Angeles to Geneva, São Paulo to London, or Beijing to San Francisco. The 5,500 nm (10,186 km) Falcon 6X connects the most frequently traveled city pairs, nonstop.

Because the Falcon 6X is able to land with much more fuel than competing aircraft, you can make a short hop to an interim airport, pick up passengers, and then continue on to an overseas yacht charter without having to refuel. That’s mission flexibility with economic efficiency.

The more time you spend on board the Falcon 6X, the more you appreciate what the tallest and widest cabin in business aviation gives you. More personal space for greater productivity. More height and aisle width to stand up and move more freely around the cabin.

The Grande Entryway is large and inviting, with a unique skylight that adds extra brightness. Crew members have lots of galley space to prepare meals. There’s ample storage and a place for passengers and crew to share a coffee or to rest comfortably on long journeys.

In the spacious main cabin, confer with staff or reflect in privacy. Take a big team and never feel crowded. With so much space, this is by far the most comfortable cabin in the long-range segment. And with the optional Falcon Privacy Suite, you can sleep or converse in secluded comfort.

With 30 expansive windows and the galley skylight—an industry-first—the increased natural light will improve your view and sharpen your mental acuity. Sound levels on the 6X are on par with the Falcon 8X, which is recognized as the quietest in the sky.

The Falcon 6X integrates the best features from Dassault Aviation’s world-leading business and fighter aircraft expertise to create the longest-range jet in its class with unparalleled passenger comfort, maximum mission flexibility, and the most advanced cockpit technologies available.

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