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NetJets’ proven business model

After weathering a global pandemic without assistance from the government, NetJets has proven that its business model is built to withstand all economic conditions. In fact, NetJets is proud to share that it has zero debt and continues to rapidly—and responsibly—grow to meet demand. This unwavering stability, paired with nearly 60 years of forward thinking and the unique backing of Berkshire Hathaway, gives clients total confidence in choosing NetJets as their private aviation provider.


NetJets has been a proud member of the Berkshire Hathaway family

As the undisputable worldwide leader in private aviation, NetJets possesses the financial strength to invest in expanding their fleet and hiring the best aviators in the industry. In 2021, the NetJets global fleet officially surpassed 800 aircraft, further cementing its place as the third-largest fleet in the world. Because of current sales pacing and demand, by the end of 2023, the NetJets fleet is projected to be approximately 25% larger than it is today.


Nearly 80 of which will be delivered in 2022 alone as part of a multibillion-dollar, multiyear investment

To remain on pace, NetJets is actively recruiting the most experienced pilots in the industry, as well as support staff to help orchestrate record-breaking flight volume. Meanwhile, to purposefully build for the future, NetJets has made a significant investment in new facilities where maintenance support offers NetJets Owners guaranteed access to mission-ready aircraft now and long into the future.


This includes 3,500+ pilots worldwide

Finally, by leveraging its financial stability, NetJets now offers clients a seamless and holistic solution for purchasing a NetJets Share. NetJets Direct Financing™ offers a low fixed-rate payment solution, reduces upfront costs, and simplifies the application process for prospective clients. NetJets is the only fractional operator able to do this. 

NetJets’ financial resilience means they can continually invest in safety, service, and operational excellence for the future. Learn more about NetJets’ financial strength here.


Speak with a private aviation expert for a personalized consultation by calling +1.877.356.5823. Or learn more about the worldwide leader in private aviation by visiting netjets.com.

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